Buyer’s guide: 3 places to buy wooden beads

Struggling to hunt down that illusive perfect bead? In Mollie Makes 65 we show you a nifty way to design and make your own gems! Go for a fun rainbow palette or keep things subtle with muted and pastel shades. To really mix things up, add contrasting pendants and other beads for an interesting take on your standard ‘beads on a string’ accessory. We like it chunky! The bigger the bead, the better.

Can’t find wooden beads locally? Below we share three online shops that sell a range of wooden beads in all sort of shapes, colours and sizes. Take a look…


[Clockwise from top left] 1. Square bead. 2. White wood round beads from Jewellery Maker.  3. Brown mixed beads. 4. Oval beads from Jewellery Maker 5. Beehive bead. 6. White wooden threading beads.

Find strings of wooden beads, precious stones and gems from Moon Stones to Zoisite at Add beads to your cart and whip up a set of DIY gems!

5 ways to use wooden beads:


To make a keyring:

DIY wooden bead chandelier

To make a contemporary

DIY wooden bead trivet

To make a

DIY wooden bead garland

A chunky wooden bead

Wooden Bead necklace by Fall For DIY  | Mollie Makes 65

Create your own gemstone beads with Francesca Stone’s genius jewellery tutorial in Mollie Makes 65