Prepping for Christmas: The top 6 crafting tools

Magnetic Beech Block by Beyond Measure

*This post is sponsored by Beyond Measure 

Christmas time is about crafting. Whether you’re making gifts, prepping decorations or looking for a present for your crafty pals, there’s no denying we all get our make on during the festive period.

So let’s go back to the basics of what you need to make all these DIY decs and festive wrapping paper – crafting tools! There’s a good tool behind every good craft (that’s a famous saying, right?) and we thought it’s about time we get someone far more qualified than us to advise on the equipment we should be using.

Grace started her online store, Beyond Measure, with the specific aim of connecting crafters with the right tools for the job. She told us: “Good tools are such an important part of the making process, but I was struggling to find really high quality and unusual items. I decided to create a webshop where you could find beautiful tools, materials and gifts all in one place.

There’s something very satisfying about using a beautiful tool or object – it makes the experience of creating extra special.  I particularly like developing tools in wood, metal and leather. Built to last, they’ll get better with age and hopefully give joy to generations to come.”

Here’s Grace’s top 6 picks from her shop for you to buy, gift or add to your wish list this Christmas.

1. Paper scissors

Shop Beyond Measure's crafting tool paper scissors

Beyond Measure’s paper scissors

First up are these Italian paper scissors which are super sharp and thin, allowing you to make all the precise incisions and sharp lines on your paper. Blunt scissors can ruin the edges of your Christmas cards or papercraft decorations, making them frayed and fuzzy, so pick up a pair of these scissors before you start on your makes.

2. Hiroshima pins

Shop Beyond Meaure's crafting tool Hiroshima pins

Beyond Measure’s Hiroshima pins

These tulip Hiroshima glass-headed Shizuku pins are another crafting tool essential. ‘Shizuku’ means ‘drop’ in Japanese we think that’s rather beautiful! This little 10 pack of gorgeous pins is a great stocking filler for any sewing bee out there and are a much-needed part of your craft stash. After all, how are you going to make issue 100’s party bear without a good set of pins?

3. Magnetic beech block

Shop Beyond Measure's crafting tools magnetic beech block

Beyond Measure’s magnetic beech block

Picture the scene. You’re desperately trying to finish some festive PJs in time for Christmas. The kids are off school, there’s tools everywhere and it’s a hectic danger zone where sewing in peace is non-existent. This is where the magnetic beech block comes in handy. Whether you’re sewing in bed or on the sofa, this block will keep all your pins, reels and scissors in one place, reducing the risk of pinpricks across the land.

4. Cohana tiny snips

Shop Beyond Measure's crafting tools cohana mini snips

Shop Beyond Measure’s Cohana mini snips

So, apart from being the most adorable things we’ve ever seen, these tiny Cohana snips are really useful for tidying up the ends of projects. We also love that they’re handmade, created by Hasegawa Cutlery; a Japanese manufacturer that’s been making tools since 1933. The little tassels are also handmade so not only are these be a top stocking filler, but you’re also supporting small businesses, which is what we’re all about.

5. Japanese screw punch

Shop Beyond Measure's crafting tools Japanese screw punch

Shop Beyond Measure’s Japanese screw punch

Screw punch tools are essential for those who love working with card, paper and thicker materials. These are the kinds of tools that are worth investing in as cheaper versions can break and damage the material instead of giving you a clean, neat hole, and we all know materials aren’t always cheap! This one by Beyond Measure comes with a 3mm circular bit, but you can buy add-ons if you need different sizes. These are great little tools, especially for crafts such as our DIY patchwork papercut bookmark, and make crafting a whole lot easier.

6. Crochet hooks

Shop beyond measure's crafting tool crochet hooks

Shop Beyond Measure’s crochet hooks

Christmas is the season of crochet, so treat yourself to these beech hooks by Anna & Juan. Made from natural wood oil and available in a range of sizes, these crochet hooks are a great present for any crazy crocheters you know (including ourselves). Pop a few in a box along with one of our free crochet patterns and you’ve got yourself a super quick yet super thoughtful gift.

Be sure to check out Grace’s store Beyond Measure for any last-minute Christmas gifts. And, don’t forget – if you need any projects to try out your new tools on, subscribe to Mollie Makes. 

*This post is sponsored by Beyond Measure