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mollie makes issue 103

Brace yourselves, issue 103 is here! For 2019 we made it one of our goals to become more environmentally aware. So this February we’ve dedicated issue 103 to the planet, packing it with projects which use sustainable materials, be it beautiful hand-dye yarns, or items you’ve already got at home.

We’ve got loads of social media and blog content planned for this issue including the launch of our two-week #molliestashchallenge which we’ll be explaining more about over on Instagram. We’ve also got some fab interviews, inspirational charities and patterns which will encourage you to craft and live in a more eco-friendly way. Pick up your copy of 103, or subscribe, and start saving the planet with us.

Projects in this issue

Issue 103's projects

Some of our fab sustainable projects in issue 103

Your free gift

Tiger key ring gift

Your tiger keyring gift

This month’s gift is this embroidered tiger keyring kit designed by Bethan Janine, and it has a very important purpose. We’re encouraging you to make your keyring and share on social media along with a link to Born Free, an amazing conservation charity which aims to protect endangered wild animals. Their new initiative involves helping tigers, local women and business through making, so its a charity we’re passionate about. Learn more about the initiative and how you and your little tiger can get involved here.

What does sustainable making mean to you?

Mollie Makes issue 103 sustainable home

Discover Victoria Haynes’ sustainable home

Issue 103 also asks the question: what does sustainability mean to you? The lovely Sarah Dawson interviewed three brands, Wyatt and Jack, Birdsong London and Aerende, discussing how they create in an ethical and eco way. We also had a look round Victoria Haynes’ gorgeous boho home to share with you her simple, small swaps which help you live more sustainably. Have a read of the article and discover how you can make your home a little greener.

Sustainability takeover

Emma Friedlander-Collins takeover

Join Emma on her takeover on the 22nd Feb

Since this month is all about sustainability, we thought we’d get the professionals in to share their tips and wisdom. Emma Friedlander-Collins, otherwise known as @steelandstitch, has completed a Masters in Sustainable Design and her blog is full of eco makes. Her tutorial for knitted dishcloths is in issue 103 and is the ideal weekend craft to kick off your sustainable journey.

She’ll be taking over the Mollie Instagram on the 22nd of February to talk all things environment as well as launching our #molliestashchallenge. Go and ask her all your questions and start rummaging through your stash in preparation. You can also save the graphic below and share on your social channels to show your support!

Mollies stash challenge

Subscribe for your eco-friendly bottle

Mollie Makes subscription gift

Subscribe to Mollie Makes and get your own Chillys bottle!

This month’s subscription gift is a fab sustainable Chilly’s bottle. Their mission is one we’re very on board with as they’re hoping to reduce single-use plastic with their reusable bottle that are BPA free. Plus, they come in an on-trend coral shade and a super cute floral pattern. Subscribe to Mollie Makes today to get your free bottle and save money on the shop price.

Your new wallpaper

Amy Grimes wallpaper download

Your new jungle background

This issue we were so lucky to work with the amazing Amy Grimes on your pull out papers. Issue 103 includes eight different illustrations all themed around the natural world. From the bottom of the ocean to the top of the trees we just had to make Amy’s work our new background. You can download her jungle print for your screensaver here but make sure you pick up a copy of the mag because these prints are too beautiful not to frame.

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