Point of view: Christmas traditions

meredith crawford - molliemakes.com

For knitter and all-round crafter, Meredith Crawford, the simplest traditions are the most memorable at this time of year…

Mollie Makes issue 22 templates

mollie makes issue 22 cover

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Meet the Mollie Makes fortune cookies

Here’s a special message from the team at Mollie Makes! Don’t you think all messages should be delivered like this?  

Gorgeous gift-wrapping ideas!

Gift wrapping ideas

You just can’t beat a well-wrapped gift. Whether you’re opening one, or putting it under the tree, we flippin’ love ’em. Any excuse to play with washi tape and nice paper, really. If you too, want to pretty up your presents, check out this lovely roundup of top gift-wrapping tutorials from fellow crafters…

Mollie Makes visits: The Crafty Fox Market

crafty fox market - mollie makes

Mollie Makes teamed up with the fabulous Crafty Fox Market in London last weekend. Take a look at what we got up to…

Gathered by Mollie Makes templates: issue 9

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Craft book review: Best craft books for Christmas

With your new books come new skills.

Moodboard Monday: Christmas sparkle

Festivities and merriments ahoy!

Best craft books for Christmas: knitting books

News flash: knitting books have just received a few shelf doozies.