Mollie Makes issue 7

Heart-warming projects, Christmas ideas and more!
Issue 7 is packed with fun and cosy projects to make, home ideas and Christmas inspiration. Projects include a pretty patchwork pillow, designer brooch and an exclusive Felt Mistress monster.

How to make a felt beard

With mankind buzzing about Movember and Novembeard, we feel the ladies should be able to join in too. Introducing Erin Dollar, the woman who wears a beard rather well. 

Here’s how to make your own woolly whiskers. 
Two 8″×12″ pieces craft felt, any colour
Thread in matching colour
1 yard grosgrain ribbon, cut in half 18″ each
Needle or sewing machine
Straight pins

Ready for a craft off?

Not that we’re competitive or anything, but we’ll race you to this cool event in Nottingham run by Spinster’s Emporium and Merrimaking on Sunday night. Just get a team together and psyche yourself up for an evening of outdoing all others. No skills necessary – sticky back plastic, feathers and glitter provided. Vivid imagination essential.
We just love the poster illustration too, courtesy of the very talented Jen McHugh.

Mollie Makes issue 6 templates

Your project templates for Mollie Makes issue 6 are ready to download

Knit your own cat

If cat hair gets up you nose and moggies make you itch, fear not cat lovers you can now have your very own menagerie of felines that not only cost you nothing to feed but won’t even need a litter tray!
With over 15 different breeds of cats inside Best in Show: Knit your own cat by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne is your very own licence to create your own cattery with yarn.
Hot on the heels of Best in Show: Knit your own dog the book shows you how to knit Persians, kittens and an exoctic Bengal.


Mollie Makes issue 6

In issue 6, we’re celebrating everything that goes with autumn: glorious colours and any excuse to get cosy. It’s a great time to have a clear out – those piles of old clothes and unused fabric are just waiting to be crafted into useful new makes. Grab the latest issue of Mollie Makes and you’ll find projects that help you make unloved items into your new favourite things, as well as inspiring interiors and handmade gifts to add to your wishlist.

DIY jewellery: How to make a thimble necklace

How super cute is this necklace made from a thimble and some colourful pins, it’s like a little mini sewing garden. Not only is it a great way to make a statement about your love of making but we don’t know about you but it really gets our creative juice flowing with ideas! The necklace has been designed by Laura over at The Wind and the Sail and we are really pleased she has let us share this tute with you. 

Click through to find out how to make the necklace!