How to make cloud, raindrop and snowflake felt paperclips

Make your own cloud, raindrop and snowflake felt paperclips

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but we’re making it more delightful, la la la, la la la, la la laaaaa! January weather may be bleak but we’ve chosen to embrace it with these sweet weather-themed paperclips.

Hear me roar “resolutions!”

Helen Martin, editor of Lionheart magazine

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15 Instagram hashtags to add colour to your life

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6 rug hooking tips for beginners

Choose the right yarn for rug hooking (needle punching) — a three-ply wool rug yarn is the ideal choice as it's hard-wearing

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5 weaving tips for beginners

Warp up an even amount of threads when you're weaving

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February craft workshops and creative events

Kids can make their dream house from paper in a Paperchase workshop in Manchester

There are loads of creative events taking place across the UK next month. Why not give one a go?

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Macramé tips for beginners — find like-minded people to share your love of macramé with

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