5 tips for building a brand

Do you think of your business as a brand? Learn Chiara of Lamplighter London’s top tips for building your brand.

Most Curious calligraphy wall art - Mollie Makes

A love of lettering led Chiara to launch her own illustrated calligraphy business. We sat down to find out her creative secrets in Mollie Makes 57 learning more about her literary inspiration, the challenges of balancing the creative and practical sides of her role, and how she built her passion into a shining indie brand. We have her top 5 tips for building your brand below and you’ll find the full Q&A in the latest issue, available in all large supermarkets or download it now from Google Play, Zinio or Apple Newsstand.

1. Consistency

Be clear on what you set out to achieve, and stick to it. From your social media to your packaging and newsletters, if you stay true to your mission, you’re on track with your brand.

2. Talk

Connect with other local businesses. I’ve met so many amazing people who I meet up with to talk shop, swap tips and even trade goods. It’s invaluable to have other businesses on your side, bounce ideas off each other, and it’s really cool to collaborate.

3. Go the extra mile

I learnt how to go the extra mile from my dad. He’s a restaurateur and he makes people’s experiences so enjoyable and personal that customers are all desperate to come back! I try to create the same for my clients: an enjoyable service from our first meeting to the delivery of the final product.

4. Grow with your brand

You don’t need to know everything at once, take the pressure off and do the best you can, just always be open to learning. I know SO much more today than I did a year ago!

5. Be passionate

Finally, love what you do. An oldie but the truest – there is no way you can dedicate so much time to something you don’t believe in, you need to be 100% behind your brand!

Head over to Lamplighter London to see more of Chiara’s work and for more typography inspiration visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Calligraphy workshop - 5 ways to build a brand - Lamplighter for Mollie Makes

Mollie Makes issue 57 printMollie Makes 57 is on sale 21 August 2015. Available from all good newsagents, supermarkets and our official online store. Sold out? Download it from ZinioGoogle Play or Apple Newsstand. Don’t forget your project templates for this issue.

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