6 sewing tips from Alice Caroline

Need a quick refresher on good sewing practices? Alice Caroline share their top 6 tips below…

Stocking more than 500 Liberty print fabrics, Alice Caroline is the place for hobbyists to shop for the department store’s world-renowned Tana Lawn cotton. And this July, Alice will be creating several brand new patterns for her debut Sewing Quarter show. These will combine fantastic design and beautiful colour combinations to create lovely sewing projects.

But before we see them on the telly Alice and Anna from Alice Caroline have shared their top sewing tips with us so we’re well prepared for their forthcoming show.

1. Measure twice, cut once.

2. Always have tiny scissors and a stitch ripper at the ready next to your sewing machine.

3. Don’t be afraid to have a go at something new! (See tips one and two if you have a mishap!)

4. Use glass tip pins as they don’t melt when you iron over them.

5. For accuracy, always stick to the seam allowances in the pattern and try to be consistent.

6. Always start off with a long thread when machine sewing – it stops tangles.

Make sure you tune into TV shopping channel Sewing Quarter: the TV channel dedicated to sewing, on July 2nd for her debut appearance on the show, and to snap up her new patterns. Watch Online or on Channel 78, 8am-12pm.