Mollie Makes meets: Flor Panichelli


Argentinian sculptor, Flor Panichelli of Sweet Bestiary talks inspiration, clay creatures and how ‘planning wouldn’t hurt’

Fabric Friday: Stripes

Fabric Friday Stripes

Stripes are a timeless design: never out of fashion, though rarely praised. This Fabric Friday pays homage to the rules of marvel. Thank you stripes – both horizontal and vertical.

Moodboard Monday: Hedgehogs


You’ve probably gathered that we heart hedgehogs (have you seen our latest cover?)… And to honour that most spiky and turned-up-of-snout of creatures, we hand you our Monday Moodboard to celebrate the hedgehog…

Moodboard Monday: Sheep celebration


Spring is in the air, and we are celebrating all things sheepy. And if it weren’t for sheep, how could we possibly enjoy knitting and making felted doglets? Sheep – we salute you! And these ones look pretty cool too…

Llama love


Those lady-like llamas in issue 12 of Mollie Makes are sweet as pie, but what about if you’re looking for a llama of the funkier kind. We trekked till we dropped and discovered these funny fellas. Not quite in deepest darkest Peru, but a little closer to home…

How do you read yours?


The more we speak to people the more it seems that craft and techie geekdom go hand in hand. With so many gorgeous and inspiring blogs out there to peruse it’s no wonder really.My iPad is my new BFF. I like nothing better than sliding through the pages of a brightly lit Mollie Makes mag and from the comments we have had on our Facebook and Twitter it seems many of you agree. 

Foxy lady


Ever since we watched Red Riding Hood we have totally been hooked on woodland creatures. Ok, we know that was a wolf, and yes maybe we did like squirrels before but oh, HELLO how wonderful is this lovely funky fox stitchy cover kit as featured in this month’s Cross Stitcher mag.

With it’s little bead nose and gorgeous scalopped felt frame this quick stitcherama proj has everthing you need to make the cheeky little creature.

“I wanna take you home
I won’t do you no harm, no
You’ve got to be all mine, all mine
Ooh, foxy lady”


I’m going to stitch it for my friend Mel, don’t say xoxo

Different strokes


Black and white have their place but our hearts skip for wonderful palettes of colour. Imagine how pleased we were when we came across the striking work of Aussie artist Kirra Jamison. Kirra grew up knowing she would make a career of art and was inspired by an eccletic mix of illustrations from children’s books and botanics, American Indian crafts, Art Deco textiles, Art Nouveau Wall papers, German folk art, Chinese paper cutting, Japanese graphic design.

What a lovely pair of knickers


If I had a pound for every time my granny told me the importance of wearing good underwear, I would be a very wealthy young lady.  It goes without saying we girls all love a nice pair of comfy panties from the likes of M&S, but lets face it, its nice to wear nice knickers, even if they’re for your eyes only!

Designer Truly Sopel not only has a gorgeous name but her new range of colourful printed knick knacks are to die for. Handmade from 100% cotton and tied with ribbon we LOVE the panda designs, or is it the zebra?