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Look book! Creative Walls


Whether you rustle up beans on toast from your basement flat or cook your supper on a rusty Rayburn in your country pad, your home is your castle. A book shelf always speaks a thousand words but don’t let your conversations stop there. Adorn, hang, stick up and pin, the walls of your home are just waiting for to document your goings on, real life scrapbooking. Catalogued clutter is cool.

Creative Walls – How to Display and Enjoy Your Treasures collections is a ‘living Pinterest’. This new book by Geraldine James applauds hoarders like us and says it’s ok to collect, it’s what you do with it that counts.  

Look! Books: Indie Craft


This book first called out to me from the heavy set trestle table of the Urban Outfitter’s book dept. It was most unexpected. I had only nipped in for a sneaky late back to work nose at the sale rail, but as I slid along the shiny parke floor I saw the words I’d always dreamt of seeing in the same sentence: indie + craft.

Now, for you die hard publishing fans, who are already saying “this book has been out for while” you’d be right, and we know, but seeing as the Mollie Makes blog launched post it being published, we cannot miss the opportunity to include and express love.

Indie Craft is an inspiring anthology of craftiness showcasing the supercool wave of craft that’s made the world sit up and take note.

Different strokes


Black and white have their place but our hearts skip for wonderful palettes of colour. Imagine how pleased we were when we came across the striking work of Aussie artist Kirra Jamison. Kirra grew up knowing she would make a career of art and was inspired by an eccletic mix of illustrations from children’s books and botanics, American Indian crafts, Art Deco textiles, Art Nouveau Wall papers, German folk art, Chinese paper cutting, Japanese graphic design.