NEW Mollie Makes Christmas 3

Mollie Makes Christmas 3

Introducing the new Mollie Makes Christmas with over 110 festive projects and ideas that’ll inspire you to gift and style the season the handmade way.

Christmas wallpaper for your gadgets

Old English for Mollie Makes – Deck the Halls for your iPad

The wreath is up, the halls are decked, now it’s just your gadgets that need a festive transformation. We have a set of four extra Old English Co Christmas paper designs that we couldn’t cram into the Christmas issue this year. We asked if it was okay to give them away for free as Christmassy… Continue reading

Yarn and pom poms gift wrap idea

Gift wrapping ideas yarn and pom pom | final2 | Mollie Makes

Time to wrap the pressies! In this gift wrapping tutorial we show you how to make a stack of fluffy pom poms, quick! We still dig making pom poms the traditional way, but when you’re facing a whole evening of wrapping presents, you’ll appreciate a zippy pom pom gadget. Here’s how to put a pom on… Continue reading

How to make a felt ruffle door wreath

DIY Christmas wreath | final2 | Mollie Makes

Give the welcoming door wreath, that traditional festive decoration, a bright, modern look. The ruffles are easily made from folded circles of felt pinned in place on a polystyrene base, and then decorated with a machine-stitched mistletoe embellishment. Easy to make ribbon bows add a luxurious touch.

How to get the vintage look (part 10): Table


The family has gathered, the presents have been opened and the turkey is perfect… it’s time to relax. Enjoy all your hard work with a Christmas dinner to remember – set out on a vintage-style table of course.

How to make fabric origami pine cones

How to make fabric origami pinecone | Christmas decorations | Mollie Makes.

Turn fabric scraps into Christmas decorations with a Japanese twist. This version of the woody fruit takes a little while longer to make than the free pine cones Christmas decorations kit in Mollie Makes 60, but they’re well worth the make. Craft the origami pine cone beauties using silk organza or raid your stash to find other festive fabrics. For pine… Continue reading

How to make a crochet octopus

How to make a crochet octopus | Step 9 | Crochet Pattern | Mollie Makes

New to crochet? This one’s for you. Stretch your crochet skills with our simple octopus plushie crochet pattern by Leanne Garrity. Hook this little sea creature in nine steps using basic crochet stitches. Here’s how…

DIY Christmas crackers

DIY Christmas crackers | Floral scrapbooking paper Christmas crackers tutorial | Mollie Makes.

Make your own Christmas crackers to pull at the dinner table this year with our DIY Christmas crackers tutorial by Lara Messer. 

Mind’s Christmas Crafternoon: Crafting for Good

Mind Crafternoon | 6 December 2015 | Mollie Makes

Mind launch their Christmas Crafternoon aimed at bringing friends, family or colleagues together through craft for an afternoon of festive making to raise money for mental health. Kate O’Sullivan of A Playful Day talks to Kat Goldin, Fran Stone, Joanne Scrace, Emma Mitchell and Sarah Knight about the meaning of craft, plus they share feel-good project ideas.

How to make a kitsch Christmas wreaths

DIY Christmas wreaths | Kitsch wreath tutorial

We all know the house isn’t properly prepped for Christmas until you’ve hung a gorgeously festive wreath on the door to welcome guests, or to catch the eye of passers-by. So grab your ribbon, yarn and things that sparkle and spend a few cosy evenings putting together this kitsch Christmas wreath. Santa’s got nothing on… Continue reading