Whoopie pies

dark chocolate whoopie pies

Not had enough to eat this Christmas? Do away with all that dried fruit and go all out for chocolate with these delicious whoopie pies 

Christmas wallpaper for your iPad and iPhone

ipad iphone wallpaper

Get your iPad and iPhone in the Christmas spirit with our wintry wallpapers 

12 Days of Craftmas: day 12 – Crochet carrot

crochet carrot

Whether it’s left out for Santa’s reindeer or stuffed into a powdery face as a snowman’s nose, carrots are fabulously festive. This crochet carrot is Christmas crafting at its finest

12 Days of Craftmas: day 11 – Fairy walnut presents


This sparkly and sweet idea from Helen Bird over at Curly Birds has Christmas magic written all over it. Hands up, who wants a fairy walnut present?

12 Days of Craftmas: day 10 – top 5 cosy blankets

cosy blankets

Stay warm and toasty under one of these top 5 cosy blankets this winter

12 Days of Craftmas: Day 9 – Toblerone cupcakes

toblerone-cupcakes-molliemakes - molliemakes.com

Move over mince pies! We’re after something chocolatey… how about a batch of Toblerone cupcakes?

12 Days of Craftmas: Day 8 – snowflake doily top

snowflake doily top

Christmas is all about the trimmings. Add a vintage doily to a plain top or cushion cover, turning it into white Christmas snowflake special

Top 5 cameras

top 5 cameras

Our top 5 cameras! Capture your craft memories with one of these sassy snappers throughout 2014

Cross-stitch ceramics

Cross-stitch ceramics

Who said cross-stitch was just for fabric? Freshen up your crockery, ceramic tiles and other simple surfaces in no time at all with this super-quick and stylish idea

12 Days of Craftmas: Day 5 – printed placemats

Potato print placemats

These simple printed placemats will add a touch of homemade love to your festive table