Video: 12 days of crochet: Chain (ch) [Day 3]

How to Crochet video: Chain (ch) Chain Abbreviation: ch Pop the slip knot on your crochet hook, then bring yarn over hook towards you and pull through the loop on the hook to make a new loop. This is called a chain stitch. Repeat until you have the correct number of stitches for your foundation… Continue reading

Video: 12 days of crochet: Yarn round hook (YRH) [Day 2]

How to Crochet video: Yarn round hook (YRH) Yarn Round Hook Abbreviation: YRH Used for most stitches, sometimes called yarn over hook. Wrap yarn over the top of your crochet hook and pull through to work the active stitch seen here with a chain stitch… For some stitches, such as the treble or half treble… Continue reading

Video: 12 days of crochet: How to hold your hook and yarn [Day 1]

How to Crochet video: Holding your hook and yarn There are two ways to hold your hook, like a spoon and like a knife (or pen). There are several ways to hold your yarn. One way is to wrap the yarn around your ring finger and over your index finger. This will help keep your… Continue reading

Video: How To Crochet in 12 days

Join us for a free How To Crochet course starting 4 July 2016 on Facebook/Instagram. We’ll teach you one crochet stitch each day and by the end of the course you’ll be ready to make your very own crochet mermaid and sea friends from Mollie Makes 68. Find out more…

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