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Mollie Makes issue 42

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Tuesday tutorial: Autumn jam


Blackberries, plums and apples are all abundant right now. Time to get jamming

How to make crochet placemats


Looking for a quick and easy project? Crochet a set of placemats with this free tutorial from dutch crafter Jorine Tieleman

How to crochet a pin cushion


There’s nothing more lovely than a round crochet pin cushion. They look so adorable, and they’re the perfect size to sit in the palm of your hand and pretend you are the cover star of Mollie Makes. Today’s Tutorial Tuesday brings you a free crochet pin cushion pattern from Emma Birer of Daffodils and Snowdrops. Read on to find out how to make your pin cushion…

Tutorial Tuesday: knitted rabbits


We love bunnies more than ever at this time of year, and we’ve invited Claire Garland of Dot Pebbles to hop on over to us to share her felted rabbit pattern with Mollie Makes. There’s plenty of time to make a whole happy family of these before Easter…

Moodboard Monday: Mice


Eeek! There’s a mouse in the house… Not to fret though, these are just the kinda mice we like. Knitted, crocheted, thrifted and sewn…

Fabric Friday: David Butler


David Butler… rock star turned fabric designer. An unusual combination of skills… and would it surprise you to learn he is married to fabric design supremo Amy Butler? David’s fabric range Curious Nature could be what you’re looking for if you’re angling for edgy, or wanting a dark and mysterious look for a room in your home… We caught up with David to find out more…

Moodboard Monday: Medals of honour


Reeling from the glamour and glitz of the Oscars last night, it got us wondering how we’d choose our winners. Hmm, not so easy. What we do know is, we’d definitely pin them with a handcrafted medal of honour like these… much nicer than a golden statue, we think. No dusting required and they do add to an outfit…