Correction: Crochet vase pattern, Mollie Makes 79

Pattern correction for the crochet vase cosy in Mollie Makes 79.

Correction: Crochet Easter eggs and bunny jars patterns, Mollie Makes 77

Pattern correction for the Easter bunnies jar in Mollie Makes 77.

Correction: Macramé wall hanging, Mollie Makes 75

We’re feeling kinda sheepish: Mollie Makes 75, the one with the free macramé wall hanging kit, is on sale tomorrow and we’ve just noticed a mistake in the instructions. We apologise for the oversight. There should be 18 lengths (not 20) to weave and knot with once you’ve completed step 3. Below you’ll find the steps… Continue reading

Correction: Mini pinny knitting pattern, Mollie Makes 71

We’re so sorry! We’ve realised that the final part of the pinafore dress pattern by Monica Russel in issue 71 is missing from the magazine – we’re sorry about that! You can find everything you need to complete the design here – just follow the pattern inside the issue, then move on to the missing instructions… Continue reading

Correction: Mollie Makes 55

Correction: Mollie Makes 30

We’d like to make corrections to the Homemade Heaven news article in the latest issue of Mollie Makes…

Correction: Knitted washcloth, Mollie Makes 25

We’d like to make corrections to the knitted washcloth pattern and the Little Moose link in issue 25 of Mollie Makes… 

Correction: Owl wrist warmers, Mollie Makes 21

We’d like to make corrections to the Holly Becker interview and the owl wrist warmers in Mollie Makes 21…

Correction: Mollie Makes 16

Our True Colours feature (page 64, issue 16) was photographed by Joy Harmon Prouty of Wildflowers Photography. We are very sorry for the spelling errors printed on that page.
ACID (Anti Copying in Design – page 13, issue 16) now has a new website. Please visit for more information.

Correction: Crochet flower pattern, Mollie Makes 12

Oh no and oops – we’re so sorry a mistake has slipped into our crochet flower brooch pattern.
When you’re following the instructions (page 99 of issue 12), please note that when you work the Spiral Surface of the flower, you need to work with the WS (wrong side) of the work facing you.
Sorry – hope this hasn’t held you up for too long!