Free crochet pattern: chunky crochet storage tubs


Make chunky storage baskets for craft supplies and more with our free crochet patterns Looking for a place to store your supplies? Look no further! These two free crochet patterns will help you keep everything neat and tidy. Hook matching storage tubs in sizes that measure approximately 7cm x 6.5cm and 6cm x 6cm. Small… Continue reading

Tutorial Tuesday: Crochet envelopes

crochet envelopes

Keep your special letters and stationery safe inside these crochet envelopes

Free knitting patterns


It all starts with a simple-knit scarf, but why not try these free knitting patterns? Perfect for beginners, or a quick-fix for advanced knitters

How to make welly warmers


One of the things we love most about winter style is when our woolly socks peek out over our boots. For knitting week we’re not wasting any time knitting the rest of the sock – we’re just making welly warmers

Tutorial Tuesday: 20 minute tote bag


Learn how to make a quick and easy tote bag with our super-easy DIY guide. Get stuck in to your fabric stash and choose your favourite print for some brand new arm candy.  Believe it or not, this no-nonsense bag tutorial from The Purl Bee promises a brand new tote bag in under half an hour. How speedy, and not to mention brilliant, is that? Read on for how to make it…

Free cross-stitch chart: a super-cute fox


Cross stitch your own woodland critter with this free chart and tutorial

How to make an envelope clutch bag


Clutch bags are great: they pretty up any outfit while safely housing your essentials inside. Learn how to make your own with the help of Vivid Please…

Fabric Friday: David Butler


David Butler… rock star turned fabric designer. An unusual combination of skills… and would it surprise you to learn he is married to fabric design supremo Amy Butler? David’s fabric range Curious Nature could be what you’re looking for if you’re angling for edgy, or wanting a dark and mysterious look for a room in your home… We caught up with David to find out more…

Tutorial Tuesday: crochet heart pattern


How cute is this? We’ve found this free crochet heart pattern, which is designed by Molly (nice name!) Dunham, author of A Foothill Home Companion blog. It’s so easy, there’s no excuse not to make one in time for Valentine’s Day. Read more to find out how…