12 clues you’re entering the home of a Crafty Mum

A crafty mum’s home is her creative castle. The boy on his BMX delivering the IKEA catalogue might as well keep pedalling past her house, because handmade homeware and her kids’ potato prints will always be her preference over a flat-pack and nasty framed New York skyline. Not sure what a crafty mum’s home is… Continue reading

12 things only sewists will understand

Nothing’s more satisfying than making something yourself, and who cares if you still don’t understand how to use the overlocker. We say if your clothes are constantly covered in pins and thread then you’re wearing your passion on your sleeve (literally)…

14 things only knitters will understand

Knitting needle bobby pin

Not into knitting swatches? You’re not alone, most knitters don’t. Few read a pattern all the way through before casting on or block their work. And there’s no doubt you’ve left the house with a yarn tail. Plenty more things only knitters will get in the list below. Does this happen to you? Share your… Continue reading

15 things only crafters can identify with

Yarnists, sewists, stitchers and papercrafters; these are the standard terms us crafty people use to distinguish each other. But if there’s one thing we all are it’s practical, right? Yeah, so we get carried away at supplies store and we get a little distracted by new projects, but that’s what being a crafter is: we’re creative,… Continue reading