Mollie Makes Home out now!

mollie makes home -

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, Mollie Makes Home is out now!

Monday moodboard: home accessories


With news of Mollie Makes Home hitting the shelves this week (31 January 2013), we’ve been surfing the net for treasured finds, quirky items and home accessories for those finishing touches. Here’s a look at what we’ve gathered

Mollie Makes meets: Nicky Grace


This London-based crafter went from hand-stitching bunting for friends to supplying stock to Cath Kidston. Nicky Grace talks about working off an antique ironing board, running her business from home and reveals what it’s like to wake up to vintage fabric every day

Days out: spring craft events


While we’re hot footing it off to the Stitch and Craft Show this weekend, our diaries and wish lists are fast filling up with other great dates for spring. We just wish we had more time! We’ve handpicked four of our favourites…