Ask the indie biz experts – Series 4: A change is gonna come

A change is gonna come illustration Veronica Dearly

Creative journeys are rarely linear, but how can you tell a dead end from a fork in the road? We asked two comeback queens for advice on changing direction. Changing direction There comes a point in most creative journeys where whatever you’re doing isn’t quite going to plan. Maybe your Etsy shop isn’t exactly bringing… Continue reading

Ask the indie biz experts, Series 2 – Indie Roller’s tips

Leona Thrift Ola Creatival event 2019

In October 2019 we asked the amazing Leona, AKA Indie Roller, to do a live takeover of our Instagram account. Leona is an indie biz expert and she answered your burning questions in her live stream, sharing all her knowledge with you #molliemakers. If you missed that takeover or just fancy re-reading her tips then you’re in luck…. Continue reading

YOU are your greatest marketing asset by Indie Roller

Indie Roller

Leona AKA Indie Roller knows what marketing works. She’s launched and closed several successful indie businesses in her time, one being Lucky Dip Club which reached a six-figure turnover in the first two years. Her expertise and business wisdom have lead her to guest speaking, hosting workshops, and now writing a guide all about the world of indie biz. So, we thought there’s no… Continue reading