Steal a moment

It’s the weekend, makers! Two days which are decidedly more fetching than the five before them. When breakfast in bed and sociable crafting is on the forefront of our minds. So, go on, steal a moment this weekend to do exactly what you want.

Your month in pictures: January 2015

Your Month in Pictures | Mollie Makes Instagram

A gathering of your month in pictures, plus handmade projects and WIPs from Mollie Makes magazine Hello and welcome to the first #molliemakers piccy round up. At the end of last year we put together a wishlist of affirmations and motivational quotes, following the post we asked Oh No Rachio to design a set of… Continue reading

What inspires you to make?

Unsurprisingly, we’re pretty big fans of inspiration here at Mollie Makes. We’re always searching for it – whether we’re scrolling through our Instagram feeds, taking a day trip to a gallery, or strolling through local markets on our travels. Sometimes it comes to us in the strangest places – anyone else find ideas always hit… Continue reading