I wrote you a letter


It’s funny isn’t it? Although the world keeps getting more and more wizzy it’s the simple traditional things in life that bring us most joy. Take the humble letter for example. Gone are the days when we wait for the postman to come up the path, today we just need to turn on our phone to check our messages and emails. For today’s blog post we say power to the pencil and challenge you to make someone’s day by popping a letter in the post.We just love this crochet envelope tutorial we discovered over at Violet Bella’s blogspot from guest blogger Meredith, aka One Sheepish Girl .If you are new to crochet this is a great first project. We would just love to recieve a letter like this (hint hint). Get started: To make you will need:Cotton Yarn in your fav colour4mm crochet hook Tapestry needleScissorsPaper and Pen (for the letter)

Make a rosette tutorial


There is something so darn charming about roses, whether they are crocheted, stitched or made from fabric. We’re really pleased to show you today a really lovely tutorial by Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous.Thanks Linda.This lovely little rosettes are so cool and are the perfect adornment for headbands, hair clips or why not make a teeny tiny one and pop it on a ring.  

We've gone Screwball for this Fab ice lolly bunting


If one trend is remembered from the last few years it would have to be bunting. It’s virtually impossible to go anywhere without some fluttery little triangles adorning a wall or marquee. From crocheted flowers to pom poms there have been lots of variations. How much are we LOVING this ice cream and traditional lolly flavoured bunting as featured in CrossStitcher this month and on their blog.

From Zoom’s to 99′s, screwballs and ice creams covered in hundreds and thousands you can pick your favourites or have a whole ice cream parlour of designs. We think they are totally Fab. Natch.

Be inspired and make a granny square


It never fails to surprise us how quickly our passionate Mollie Makes readers start and complete projects from the magazine. It seems that no sooner the latest issue has hit the doormat that the needles are out and the crochet hooks are whizzing! From the felt gadget holder, to the apple cosies and strawberry pin cushions we love hearing about the successes (and mishaps!) you have with projects. Over the last few months we have seen some gorgeous examples on Facebook and Twitter and what’s really really nice is how you help each other out – how very kind! This year crochet granny squares have gone down an absolute storm and we have been thrilled by the response we have had from you lovely readers about our fab Jane Brocket crochet tutorial we featured in issue 2. So hot on it’s heels. we thought we would share with you a wonderful granny square project one of our favourite bloggers has been working on.

Mollie Makes…a little film

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you will know we have been teasing you with a little secret….sorry about that.

And today we can finally share with you what we have been working on behind the scenes.

Red carpet, drum roll please…..

Filmed with kind permission at The Makery is Bath with help of Sara Sinaguglia’s lovely little apple cosies and Lori Marie’s panty flashers. We hope you enjoy as much as we did making it!

What do you think? xoxo

Mollie by name, Mollie by nature

We absolutely ADORE these gorgeous little Mollie flowers as created by the supercrafty Brie over at Little Green - especially loving the name!

Ever since we featured the apple cosies on the cover of issue 1 of Mollie Makes, it seems our readers have gone absolutely crochet crazy. We really are thrilled to hear that so many of you have picked up a hook for the first time to attempt the cosies and even better that you are already hungry for more – hmmm we did warn you*.

*The highly addictive art of crochet is learnt entirely at the risk of the crafter.

Foxy lady


Ever since we watched Red Riding Hood we have totally been hooked on woodland creatures. Ok, we know that was a wolf, and yes maybe we did like squirrels before but oh, HELLO how wonderful is this lovely funky fox stitchy cover kit as featured in this month’s Cross Stitcher mag.

With it’s little bead nose and gorgeous scalopped felt frame this quick stitcherama proj has everthing you need to make the cheeky little creature.

“I wanna take you home
I won’t do you no harm, no
You’ve got to be all mine, all mine
Ooh, foxy lady”


I’m going to stitch it for my friend Mel, don’t say xoxo

Get to grips with crochet (warning: highly addictive)


How d’you like them apples? Here at Mollie Makes we like our apples crisp and juicy with no bruises thank you very much so we are just love love loving the chance to keep our fruit safe and sound by making apple cosies for our lunch boxes.

Who would have thought a few years ago we would have seen granny squares on the catwalk but crochet has really hit the fashion headlines, thanks to collections from the likes of uber trendsville Henry Holland. We for one are totally thrilled crochet is back in vogue and as it looks set to be around for a while we thoroughly recommend getting hooked.

What’s that you say? Don’t know where to start? Phew!