Mollie Takes discount code!

Mollie Takes discount code

Want money off your tickets to Mollie Takes, our photography conference? Read on for your discount code…

Your month in pictures

Instagram Mollie Makes

Calling Mollie Makes Instagram followers! Here’s the best of the month’s crafty snaps

Introducing: Mollie Makes Weddings

Mollie Makes Weddings

Craft your way to a beautiful big day with Mollie Makes Weddings

January sale: Mollie Makes discount


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Let's shop! Introducing the new Mollie Makes shop

Mollie Makes shop

The Mollie Makes shop! Bringing you a world of craft supplies at your fingertips

Get the Look: Natasha Denness and Zoe Power

get the look mollie makes

Two houses, one street: neighbours Natasha Denness and Zoe Power love kitsch vintage treasures

Mollie Makes 36 is out now!

Mollie Makes 36

Stitch a pair of sweet lovebirds, knit a French feline double act, and meet some of our favourite creative duos, all in Mollie Makes 36

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