Monday moodboard: Rabbits

bunny rabbits - mollie makes -

Bunnies! Felt, fabric, painted chocolate ones… we love them all. So, without further ado, here’s our rabbit roundup

Easter Monday mini-makes


If you’re at a loose end today and you want to work off some of those scoffed Easter egg calories, roll up your sleeves and get your craft on. We discovered two sweet as chocolate ideas over the weekend, an Easter chick garland and bunny lid storage jars…

Moodboard Monday: Easter bunnies


Yeah, we know they’re cute, they’re cotton-tailed and their noses twitch in a funny way, but rabbits can be cool too. These beaux bunnies are for life, not just for Easter… Hop on to the next page to find out more.

Fabric Friday: Vintage Easter style


Easter is only a week away and we admit we’re already counting down to the chocolate. But while we eagerly await the arrival of that giant bunny with his Green & Black stuffed basket, why not feast on these cute and vintage lovelies instead. Come and hop into our fabric mountains, you pretty-pretty prints…

Fabric Friday: Rows of rabbits


Apart from our Easter bunny blog hop competition, this could be more rabbits than you’ve ever seen before in one place. Well, it is nearly Easter and all, so we’ve fluffed up our cotton-tails and hopped off on a spring shopping spree on your behalf. Here’s three of our favourite rabbit prints…

Tutorial Tuesday: knitted rabbits


We love bunnies more than ever at this time of year, and we’ve invited Claire Garland of Dot Pebbles to hop on over to us to share her felted rabbit pattern with Mollie Makes. There’s plenty of time to make a whole happy family of these before Easter…