Thrifty Thursday: jam jar votives


Jam jars, so handy in so many ways… how about this for a pretty display made from fabric off-cuts and ordinary jam jars? Claire Dalglish from Fellow Fellow has popped in today to share her cute and thrifty idea with us…

Thrifty Thursday: Ghost lampshades


There’s many a manky lampshade to be found in our local charity shops. And until now we’ve often turned up our noses at the faded, pleated and fringed polyester offerings. But, hey, here’s how to give old lampshades a new lease of life…

Thrifty Thursday: fabric magnets


Nearly a week into January and it’s time to take action on the post-Christmas clutter and get organised… here’s a thrifty way to keep the kitchen tidy with tiny magnets made from fabric scraps. Recycle old bottle tops and cover with fabric for the round version. Use magnetic paper for the square magnets… They cost next to nothing to make and can be used all over the home… Read on to find out how to make them.

Tutorial Tuesday: Sewing machine cover


New Year, new style for your trusted sewing machine. Not the prettiest of craft room accessories, but with a made-to-measure sewing machine cover, your old friend can be transformed from frumpy accessory to a thing of beauty you’ll want on display. And if it’s on display, you’ll use it more, which is, come to think of it, a great New Year’s Resolution… Over to Candace Todd from Sparkle Power to show you how to make this thrifty sewing machine cover…