Tuesday tutorial: upcycle


Mollie Makes issue 32 celebrates those special touches that take makes to the next level. Let’s upcycle!

Mollie Makes' guide to thrifting, part 2: How to shop for vintage treasures


In part two of our guide to thrifting, we talk budgets, bargaining and the best time to buy secondhand vintage treasures

Mollie Makes' guide to thrifting, part 1: Where to shop for vintage treasures


In part one of our guide to thrifting, we reveal where to look for secondhand bargains and vintage treats

Thrifty Thursday: Best vintage trunk ideas


Now that the car boot sale is well and truly open for business, we’re hoping to pick up a vintage trunk or two. Vintage luggage has got such charm. As long as it’s in passable condition you can leave it unadorned and proud of its battered edges. Or, if your trunk is way past help you can reinvent it, cover it or transform it. Here are some of our favourite ideas…

Vintage typewriter inspiration


Vintage typewriters have caught our eye recently. But can you guess where this rusty creature was found? Not at a market or local charity store, somewhere far more unexpected. Mollie Makes Marketing Manager Lyndsey Mayhew turned this little treasure up while off on a weekend walk. And when she’s polished it up we’ve found a great idea for how to use it…

Thrifty Thursday: Vintage tins for spring


Spring is most definitely in the air. And once that happens it feels like the right time to bring more colour into our lives…grab a bunch of blooms or plant up some bulbs in an old tin… the rustier the better seems to work for spring flowers…

Thrifty Thursday: Notebook cover


Cheap, chic and incredibly cute. Today’s thrifty make is the brainwave of Mary Jane Baxter, author of Chic on a Shoestring. With the help of a colour photocopier and a piece of her hand-stitched patchwork, Mary’s created this crafty notebook cover…

Thrifty Thursday: jam jar votives


Jam jars, so handy in so many ways… how about this for a pretty display made from fabric off-cuts and ordinary jam jars? Claire Dalglish from Fellow Fellow has popped in today to share her cute and thrifty idea with us…

Tutorial Tuesday: vintage bag makeover


We love a bit of geek chic and this ol’ 70s vinyl handbag has got the style we love. It’s big and roomy and Sophie Appleby’s bag makeover has us dreaming up all sorts of possibilities… 

Thrifty Thursday: Vintage puzzles


Head for the toy section of your local charity store and look at old puzzles and children’s toys in a fresh light… Don’t think of puzzles as toys with missing pieces and a limited shelf life, look at them as intriguing ways to style your home…