How to tie a headscarf

How to tie a headscarf - Mollie Makes -

Learn how to tie a headscarf with this super-quick video tutorial

How to crochet a flower

crochet-garland-mollie-makes -

Has issue 24’s gorgeous flower garland inspired you to crochet? Here’s a handy video to help you on your way…

How to knit video

Learning how to knit? Here’s a video from The Making Spot that’ll teach you how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off

Meet the Mollie Makes fracoons

Meet the Mollie Makes cover stars

Meet the Mollie Makes fortune cookies

Here’s a special message from the team at Mollie Makes! Don’t you think all messages should be delivered like this?  

Meet the Mollie Makes teddy bear

mollie makes teddy bear

Move over, Yogi: there’s a new bear in town. Arthur is a traditional teddy bear and star of Mollie Makes issue 20. Watch him come to life in this adorable animation

Video tutorial: How to make a book bag

How to make handmade bags from vintage books | Mollie Makes

How many of you have seen the fabric book covers in issue nine? Our vintage fabric covers help to keep your books looking gorgeous when you’re on the go. Well, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels so we’ve sourced another idea for you, and we’re sure you’ll like it. This time instead of covering up your book, you use the book to make a bag. Crafty, thrifty and downright ingenious, we say. We saw this on curbly and we had to share it with you… Read more to find out how to make this vintage book bag and to link to curbly’s video tutorial below.

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