How to get the vintage look (part 1): 10 doily ideas

Get the crème de la crème of vintage décor ideas in our How to get the Vintage Look series starting with doilies. Plus get ideas for how to decorate for the festive season! 

Follow Friday: Rose & Grey

Freshen up your creative space with Rose & Grey. Add character and factory charm to your workspace with these fabulous vintage-inspired pieces. Think cold concrete mixed with pretty pastels, practical dungarees with a flirty fitted edge and neon wireframes.

Collecting vintage deer

Oxford-based blogger and photographer Natasha Denness of Candy Pop keeps her eyes peeled for deer…

My space: Lise Meunier

Thinking of setting up a craft corner at home? Lise Meunier reveals how vintage knick knacks triggers creative thought in her work space

Vintage treat: 18 vintage cameras and decor ideas

A selection of vintage camera for sale

While most vintage cameras are out of action that doesn’t stop us from using the memory snappers as bookends, photography props and more. Here’s a look at a brilliant selection and examples of how you can decorate with them if they’re irreparable.

How to buy a vintage bike

You can’t beat a vintage bike for elegant cycling style. And they’re not just lovely to look at – pick the right model and your two wheels will retain their value or even, if you’re careful, increase. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you run the risk of having your second hand purchase… Continue reading

Vintage treat: SylvaC celery and onion face

We all know about our seven-a-day target, but sometimes (only sometimes) we forget about our veggies. These two vessels, passed down from father to son, are SylvaC glazed dishes that act as a little reminder to get our daily intake of greens. Although it’s no longer fit for purpose, due to cracks, it sure does… Continue reading

Tips for buying vintage wedding dresses

Every vintage wedding dress available today is a one-off – a completely unique piece of history that you can guarantee will not be seen on any other bride, no matter how many wedding magazines or wedding blogs you browse through. The vintage wedding dress wardrobe offers rich pickings too, with over 100 years of style… Continue reading

Vintage treat: Melaware

Vintage Melaware

Vintage Melaware brightens even the most dreary kitchen table or picnic rug. It’s official: you can never have too many vintage teacups and saucers. 

A vintage Christmas playlist

vintage christmas songs

We love vintage Christmas songs! Rock around the Christmas tree with our festive playlist