How to embroider a pair of mini cacti

Experiment with making miniature stitched works of art with these cacti hoop designs by Sonia Lyne of Dandelyne. Find the full embroidery pattern below…

You’ll need:

• Your extra gift in Mollie Makes 81 (Sainsbury’s customers only)
•  Templates
• 7.5cm (3″) embroidery hoop
• Felt or card approximately 6cm (23/8″) square (optional)
• Strong craft glue

Mini cactus embroidery pattern

Step 1
Iron your fabric, then transfer the designs onto your fabric. You can use carbon paper, or sticky-tape the design to a window and trace over onto your fabric. Leave about 7mm (¼”) of fabric around the edge of your hoop so you can secure your design to the centre plate later.

Step 2
Place your design into a 7.5cm (3″) embroidery hoop. Don’t worry if you don’t have one – the designs are small and can be stitched without one.

Step 3
Choose your colour threads. We used three strands of thread throughout the design, but feel free to use fewer for a finer look or more for a bolder look. Thread your needle with your first colour.

Step 4
Time to start stitching your first design. We used the following stitches: cactus trunk and arms – satin stitch, stripes on trunk and arms – satin stitch, cactus pot – satin stitch, flowers on top – two or three lazy daisy stitches, cactus pot design – cross stitch. Finish off with backstitch in corresponding colours around each design. New to embroidery? See our list of embroidery stitches here.

Step 5
Now start stitching your second design. We stitched ours as follows: dashed lines on pot – running stitch (aqua), chain lines on pot – chain stitch (orange), base lines on pot – backstitch x four stitches and two rows (pink), pot outline – backstitch, cactus lines – backstitch, spikes on cactus – straight stitches (one strand), flower on top – three lazy daisy stitches (six strands).

Step 6
Position the miniature hoop on your design and draw a cutting line 7mm (¼”) around the hoop. Cut out along the line.

Step 7
Place the design on the centre plate, then position the miniature hoop on top and push it down to secure. Flip it over, apply some strong craft glue around the inner edge and then push the fabric down in a circular motion.

Step 8
Tighten the nut and bolt to secure your design.

Step 9
Leave the glue to dry. You may then want to back your design by gluing on a circle of felt or card. Find a spot to display your piece in, or add it to a necklace chain for a quirky piece of jewellery.
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