Create a spring embroidery hoop: Day 4

Create a spring embroidery hoop: Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of our embroider-along, makers. You’ve only got two tutorials to go until your spring embroidery hoop is complete (hurrah!).

From Monday 9th until Friday 13th April we’ll release a tutorial on our website every morning. You can embroider along with us and by the end of the five days you’ll have your own embroidery hoop, designed by the ever-so talented Lolli & Grace. Need some help with your stitches? Check out our Library of Embroidery Stitches. Don’t forget to share your makes with us on social as well using #molliemakers.

Can’t make some of the days? No problem. We’re going to release the tutorials in full in two of our upcoming newsletters, on Friday 13th April (the sign up date for this has passed) and Friday 20th April (sign up by 3pm GMT+1 on Tuesday 17th April). All you have to do is sign up here by the dates mentioned.

This tutorial is no longer available

Anne Oliver, Lolli & GraceAbout Anne Oliver

Anne lives in the great state of Texas with her husband and teenage daughter. She’s the creative force behind Lolli & Grace, where she designs colourful embroidery patterns for stitchers of all abilities, and doll patterns too. When Anne isn’t stitching she’s reading, sometimes late into the night. Just one more chapter, right? Check out Lolli & Grace’s website or find the business on Instagram and Facebook.