Cute biscuit crochet pattern*

Enjoy a tea and crochet break with Emma Lyons’ yarny treats, in association with Tick Tock Tea

We all know the importance of ‘me’ time, so make space to sit back and relax with a big mug of tea, a new crochet project, and a sweet treat or two. Only small quantities of yarn are needed to make this deliciously calorie-free set of retro mini biscuits, and any cotton dk yarn works well. The biscuits are made in separate pieces and sewn together, making them a great project for beginners. Find the rest of the biscuit crochet pattern in Mollie Makes 67, out today!

How to make crochet biscuits

You’ll need:

• Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK, 100% cotton, 100g/184m per ball, one ball each in Beige (3661), Shell Pink (3666) and Fondant (3094)
• Rico Creative Cotton DK, 100% cotton, 50g/115m per ball, one ball each in Brown (018) and Light Yellow (003)
• 3.5mm (UK 9, US E/4) crochet hook
• Yarn needle
• Stitch markers
• Scissors

Abbreviations (UK)
st(s) stitch(es)
ch chain
ss slip stitch
dc double crochet
inc increase by working 2 dc into same st
yrh yarn round hook
dc2tog double crochet 2 together: (insert hook in next st, yrh and draw loop through) twice, yrh and draw through all 3 loops on hook.
magic ring hold thread in your hand and wrap working yarn around forefinger twice to create ring, slip ring off your finger and insert hook to pick up first st, ch1, then work the necessary sts for round 1 and close the ring tightly by pulling the loose end
beg beginning
tss tunisian simple stitch
blo work stitch through back loop only
RS right side

How to crochet a Pink Wafer biscuit

Pink Wafer biscuit crochet pattern | Step 1 Pink Wafer biscuit crochet pattern | Step 2 Pink Wafer biscuit crochet pattern | Step 3

Wafer layers (make 3)

The pink wafer biscuit is made using tunisian simple stitch (tss)

Foundation Using light pink yarn, ch5

Foundation forward row (RS) Insert hook into 2nd ch from hook, yrh and pull through (2 loops on hook), *insert hook into next ch, yrh and pull through (3 loops on hook); repeat from * into remaining 2 ch (5 loops on hook)

Foundation return row yrh and pull through first loop on hook, *yrh and pull through the next 2 loops on the hook; repeat from * to end of row

Forward row *Insert hook into second vertical bar from hook, yrh and pull through (2 loops on hook); repeat from* into remaining 3 vertical bars (5 loops on hook)

Return row: Follow instructions given for foundation return row

Repeat Forward Row and Return Row 11 more times

Cut yarn and fasten off, on the third piece leave a long yarn tail (100cm long)

Pink wafer finishing

Hold the 3 layers in place, ensuring the RS of the work on the outer layers is facing outwards. Join together by sewing through all three layers all around the outer edge of the biscuit. Cut yarn, fasten off and sew in yarn tails.

How to crochet Choc Chip Cookies

Choc chip cookie crochet pattern | Step 1 Choc chip cookie crochet pattern | Step 2 Choc chip cookie crochet pattern | Step 3

Foundation: Using beige yarn, start with a magic ring, then work as follows:

Round 1 6dc into ring, pull ring tight [6sts]

Round 2 inc 6 times [12sts]

Round 3 (inc, 1dc) 6 times [18sts]

Round 4 (1dc, inc, 1dc) 6 times [24sts]

Round 5 (inc, 3dc) 6 times [30sts]

Round 6 (2dc, inc, 2dc) 6 times [36sts]

Round 7 (inc, 5dc) 6 times [42sts]

Round 8 (dc2tog, 5dc) 6 times [36sts]

Round 9 (2dc, dc2tog, 2dc) 6 times [30sts]

Round 10 (dc2tog, 3dc) 6 times [24sts]

Round 11 (1dc, dc2tog, 1dc) 6 times [18sts]

Round 12 (dc2tog, 1dc) 6 times [12sts]

Round 13 dc2tog 6 times [6sts]

Cut yarn and fasten off, sew yarn tail into last remaining 6 sts and pull hole closed.

Take a strand of brown yarn and embroider some chocolate chips across the top of the cookie. Cut yarn and sew in yarn tails.


Emma-LyonsAbout Emma Lyons

Crochet designer Emma (aka Ami Emma) adores all things amigurumi and loves creating cute creatures for her shop. She’s also recently ventured into the world of blogging, and you can visit her at

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  • Tammy Yuengel

    Where are the other biscuit patterns in this set?

    • Hannah Carr

      Hi Tammy, sorry for the late reply. I’m afraid we’ve only got the patterns for the wafer and the choc chip xx