DIY chalkboard frame

Upgrade your to-do list and add a splash of neon to your work area with a DIY chalkboard frame. It’s an easy-make and looks great in a squillion different colours, too!

Some of us need them, some do without them, but everyone writes a few lists once in a while. Here’s a quick tutorial, originally featured in Gathered by Mollie Makes, on how to make a DIY chalkboard frame by Helena Tracey. Why not upcycle a charity find in need of a little love?

You’ll need:

Ornate frame with backing board

Acrylic paint (or spray paint)

Chalkboard paint

Round brush

Flat brush, or small roller


Step 1 Fold back the pin at the back of the frame and remove the backing board. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. If it’s varnished, sand the surface lightly.


Step 2 Apply two coats of the chalkboard paint to the backing board with the flat brush or roller, allowing the paint to dry between coats.


Step 3 If you’re using acrylic paint, use a round brush to coat the frame. Paint detailed sections first, then use long strokes to cover the straight sections along the sides. Allow to dry before putting the backing board into the frame. Now get scribbling!



This tutorial was originally featured in Gathered by Mollie Makes

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