DIY scalloped necklace

Stitch up a pretty fabric necklace following this simple six-step tutorial. We’ve officially found a way to take our must-have fabrics everywhere with us!


You will need:
• 2.5mm crochet hook (UK 12)
• Square of fabric, approximately 20cm (8″)


Step 1
Sketch one side of your scalloped design on a piece of paper and cut out, or print the template provided and cut out.


Step 2
To prepare your necklace chain, ch 80, knot the end, fasten off and trim the tail. Make another. They should measure around 35.5cm (14″) long.


Step 3
Fold fabric in half, right sides facing, and pin template to fabric, lining the bottom edge with the edge of the fabric fold. Cut out a second piece.


Step 4
Place one fabric piece on a flat surface, right side up. Pin the crochet chains to each end of the fabric shape. Keep them clear of the sewing path by securing with pins.


Step 5
Place second fabric piece on top, right sides together. The crochet chains should be sandwiched in between. Pin and sew with a 5mm (¼”) seam allowance, leaving a gap to turn.


Step 6
Turn. Tuck in the seams and press. Use a pin to coax out the curves to get a nice smooth shape. Whip stitch the opening shut.

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