DIY jewellery: smocked necklace

We asked three bloggers to come up with their own spin on our cover gift this month. Using some or all of the materials in the patchwork needlecase kit, free with issue 49, Candy PopTigerlilly Quinn and Fall for DIY made a delicate papercut bookmark, hexie fabric garland DIY and a smocked necklace respectively – what a clever bunch! Here’s style and home blogger, Fall for DIY with her version of the Mollie Makes cover gift…


“When I was younger I remember I went through a phase of being obsessed with semi precious stones. I had these small individual display boxes, a bit like clear topped jewellery cases, with the names and properties labelled (yep, I was a rock geek). Many of these stones had come from a magazine – which I think was about rocks, dinosaurs, the earth and science – and I clearly recall the excitement I would feel when the day arrived to get the next issue, but more importantly I’d look forward to the free gift!

When Mollie Makes asked me to imagine up a different use for their January magazine freebie it reminded me of those precious stones and I couldn’t resist taking a kit designed for one purpose and giving it an entirely different use. Of course this needlecase is gorgeous to begin with but if you want to make something different then Natasha from Candy PopFritha over at Tigerlilly Quinn and myself have all put together tutorials to give you a few more options.

I’ve added a necklace chain and two jump rings to this kit, but everything else (including the needle and thread) comes inside.


You will need:


Step 1
Concertina your fabric pieces starting at the length they all have in common (for the largest piece this is the shorter sides)


Step 2
Once folded, secure with a couple of stitches.


Step 3
Do this with all the fabric pieces and join together with a few stitches.


Step 4
About halfway down the fan, stitch two of the mountain (^) folds together. Start from the back of the piece, come over the top of two ‘peaks’, and back into the back of the fabric. You might want to make a double stitch to secure the thread in place.



Step 5
Now move onto the next few stitches and do the same thing, sewing two peaks together.


Continue this pattern until you reach the other end.


Step 6
Starting from the beginning again miss the first peak and sew the second and third together.


Work along the fan stitching the next two peaks together again.


Step 7
Make one more row of stitches following the pattern of the first row. You should now have a honeycomb effect along your fabric.


Step 8
Squeeze the fabric together between your fingers about halfway down and make a few stitches at this point. Cut off the fabric above these stitches.


Step 9
Sew the ribbon from the kit along the top of the fabric fan.


Step 10
Split your necklace chain half way down using your pliers and attach to the ribbon in between stitches with the jump rings. If you’d like to learn more about beginner jewellery making you can learn all you need to know to get started on my ecourse: Beads & BaublesMollie-Makes-Smocked-Necklace-side-view

Designed your own tutorial using the needlecase kit materials? Send us your photos on Instagram and Twitter using #molliemakers – we’d love to see.

Images © Fall for DIY

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