DIY watercolour headscarf

Emily and Jessica of Bespoke Bride turn a plain white headscarf into a painterly hair accessory you simply cannot pass up – make today and don tomorrow!

DIY headscarf hair accessory watercolour 2

Hi, Jessica from Bespoke Bride here. If you know me and Emily then you’ll know that we love to dress colourfully all year round, but with spring around the corner we’re starting to see more and more vibrant colours sneaking their way into the shops (yay!) so we thought the perfect way to accessorise this season is with a watercolour headscarf! How adorable would these look on a bunch of bridesmaids?! Super cute!

You will need:

A plain white cotton headscarf
Fabric paint in 3 colours
Paint brushes

Step 1
Squeeze your paints out onto a plate and get your pot of water at the ready!


Step 2
Start to paint small areas of the scarf in random shapes and brush strokes. Then dip a clean paintbrush into the water and use it to blend the edges of your shapes into a more watercolour effect.

Step 3
Continue this technique all the way along your headscarf until it’s covered in beautiful splotches of colour.

Step 4
Leave to dry (it should take around 4 hours) then if you want to, you can then wash the headscarf after 72 hours.

And voila! Tie it in a bow around your ponytail and you’re done! This is probably one of the quickest and easiest tutorials we’ve ever featured on Bespoke Bride, it took us less than 15 minutes to paint these headbands and they really do add that POP of colour to your outfit!


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