How to make a felt ruffle door wreath

Give the welcoming door wreath, that traditional festive decoration, a bright, modern look. The ruffles are easily made from folded circles of felt pinned in place on a polystyrene base, and then decorated with a machine-stitched mistletoe embellishment. Easy to make ribbon bows add a luxurious touch.

DIY Christmas wreath | final1 | Mollie Makes

You will need:
• 1.5m of 90cm wide purple felt for the wreath
• Green felt measuring 25 x 25cm
• Scraps of white felt
• Green sewing machine thread a shade darker than the felt
• 1m of 2cm wide satin ribbon in green and purple
• Narrow ribbon, 8cm, for hanging
• Approximately 175 dressmaker’s pins
• 25cm polystyrene half-ring form
• Scissors
• Water-erasable fabric pen
• Sewing machine

When fixing the ruffles to the polystyrene wreath you may want to use a thimble to press in the pins, especially as there are so many to attach!

How to make a Christmas felt wreath

Step 1

DIY Christmas wreath | step2 | Mollie Makes

Cut an 8cm circle card template and use to mark approximately 150 circles onto purple felt as close together as possible. Cut out.

Step 2

DIY Christmas wreath | step3 | Mollie Makes

To make a ruffle, take a felt circle, fold in half and crease to give you a semi-circle; fold in half again and put a pin through the point of the quarter circle.
Step 3
To attach the felt ruffle to the wreath, push in the pin. Continue to fold and add more arranging them at different angles to enhance the ruffled effect, grouping them tightly so that the polystyrene cannot be seen.

Step 4
To make the hanging loop, cut a 8cm length of narrow ribbon. Fold in half and attach it to the back of the wreath with two or three pins.

Step 5
Use the mistletoe template to cut nine sprigs from green felt. Cut out 36 small berries approximately 6mm in diameter from white felt.

Step 6 

DIY Christmas wreath | step4 | Mollie Makes
Machine stitch the veins onto the sprigs. Start at the stem and stitch a row of small straight stitches down the centre and half way down the lowest leaf. Leaving the needle in the felt, raise the foot and rotate to stitch back up the leaf and up the stem. Continue to stitch veins down each leaf working your way back up to the top of the stem. As you stitch, the felt should curl slightly to create the mistletoe shape.

Step 7 

DIY Christmas wreath | step7 | Mollie Makes
On each sprig, place a berry where each leaf meets the stem; machine stitch in place. Take three mistletoe sprigs and lay the stems on top of each other; machine stitch in place. Make two more sprig groups.

Step 8 

DIY Christmas wreath | step9 | Mollie Makes
Use pins to attach the sprig groups to the lower half of the wreath in between the ruffles, making sure to press the pins in firmly.

Step 9 

DIY Christmas wreath | step8 | Mollie Makes
To make a bow, take a 1m length of ribbon and fold down one end by 10cm. Continue to fold the ribbon in 10cm folds, one on top of the other. Machine a few small stitches at the centre to secure and insert two pins where you have stitched.

Step 10

DIY Christmas wreath | final1 | Mollie Makes

Fold the bow in half pulling all the loops up together, then carefully push it into the wreath in between the ruffles and close to where the mistletoe stems meet. Make and insert a second ribbon bow. Your felt wreath is complete!

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DIY Christmas wreath | headshot | Mollie MakesAbout Helen Newton
Passionate about sewing and crafting, Helen loves to create beautiful, contemporary items using simple to learn techniques. Her felt wreath is a Christmas decor staple. Her aim is to inspire others to make something unique and original whilst having fun along the way.



Mollie Makes Christmas bookThis project is designed by Helen Newton extracted from Mollie Makes:
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