How to weave a miniature wall hanging

Weave a miniature wall hanging in minutes with our experimentation-friendly loom. 

With our handy mini weaving kit (available in every copy of Mollie Makes 77) it’ll be hard to resist making one woven project after another. Once you have a loom, you can use it to experiment with different designs and techniques with quick results. Being a fairly simple craft, it’s easy to see why makers find weaving so addictive, and since one wall hanging is never enough, we’re sharing this second design for you to try.

Grab your copy today, dip into your yarn stash and follow the instructions below for a different woven wall hanging design.

How to weave a mini wall hanging

You will need:
• A loom (find one in every copy of Mollie Makes 77)
• 3 shades of yarn
• Warp cotton thread
• Dowel

How to weave | Mini loom tutorial | Mollie Makes
Step 1
To thread your loom, tie one end of the white cord around the bottom then loop your cord by going around each of the ‘teeth’ along the top and bottom edges. Here’s a video to show you how. Tie the loose ends of your cord together tightly. Keep the leftover cord.

How to weave | Mini loom tutorial | Mollie Makes
Step 2
To make the fringe at the bottom, cut several 9cm (33/8″) lengths of mustard yarn. Take one of these and loop over and between the first two of your warp cords. Pull the ends to tighten the loop and bring it to the very bottom of your weaving. Repeat for the rest of the row, then repeat above on the opposite pairs of cords.

How to weave | Mini loom tutorial | Mollie Makes
Step 3
Repeat for four rows in total (making sure to alternate your pairs of cords on each row), then on the fifth row drop one loop on each side (so you’ll leave two warp cords without a loop at each end). Continue to drop a pair of cords on each row until you end up at just the middle two cords.

How to weave | Mini loom tutorial | Mollie Makes

Step 4
Now fill in the gaps left at either side of your fringe area. Take a long length of your grey yarn, thread it to your needle and tie the other end to an outer cord of your weaving. Use your needle to weave over and under alternate cords. Continue back and forth up one side until you reach the top of your fringe, then work downwards on the other side.

Step 5
Once you’ve filled in the gaps you can start weaving full lines above your fringe. Weave your wooden stick over and under alternating threads and pass your needle through the gap created between the raised and lowered cords. Remove your stick and pull your wool all the way through. Repeat in the opposite direction, over and under the opposite cords to the previous row. Every few rows, use your fingertips to push the rows down a little, so you get a neat, tight weaving.

How to weave | Mini loom tutorial | Mollie Makes
Step 6
Continue building up your weaving in this way, adding rows, alternating colours and adding fringed areas until you reach the top of your loom (you’ll have to just use your needle to weave the last few rows as there won’t be space to insert the stick). You might also want to leave some small areas unwoven (as we’ve done above two of the fringed areas) to add contrast. When you’re finished, tidy loose ends by stitching them through a few rows on the back of your weaving.

How to weave | Mini loom tutorial | Mollie Makes
How to weave | Mini loom tutorial | Mollie Makes
Step 7
Now you can get your weaving ready to hang by sliding the warp loops off the ‘teeth’ at the top of your loom and onto a thin wooden dowel (or twig or tube) a little wider than your weaving. Snip your cord where you tied it to the bottom of your loom and slip the bottom loops off to free your weaving.

How to weave | Mini loom tutorial | Mollie Makes
Step 8
Take the leftover length of your warp cord and tie one end to each end of your dowel. Ta da – now find a spot to show your weaving off.

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