How to make a boho feather necklace

Add shimmer to your outfits with Charlotte Smith’s necklace design

“This necklace has been inspired by long hot summer days and the thought of dancing the night away at a festival. I love the relaxed boho look of summer dressing − simple cotton dresses layered with heaps of unusual jewellery collected from faraway shores.

This necklace is perfect because not only is it very easy to make, but you can easily create a unique design by layering up the feathers differently or changing their sizes. Faux leather is ideal for all levels of makers as it’s inexpensive and forgiving to work with. It comes in a beautiful array of colours but, like the gold in this kit, my favourites are metallic.

I’ll be wearing my necklace all summer long − from holidays in the sun to camping in Norfolk. It’s so lightweight that it can be easily packed! When it’s not being worn, I intend to display it proudly in my home, casually draped over a mirror or a lampshade. I like to leave a trail of jewels wherever I go.”


How to make a boho necklace

You will need:

• The boho feather necklace kit from Mollie Makes 44
• 3 x A6 metallic gold, pink and peach faux leather
• 1m peach faux suede cord
• Wooden bead
• Needle and thread
• Retractable blade knife
• Feather template

Step 1
Trace the feather templates on the right. We recommend sticking them onto a piece of card − it makes tracing them onto faux leather much easier.


Step 2
Now, on the back of your faux leather and felt pieces trace around the templates. Flip the template over every now and again so the feathers fall in different directions. This will give
a more detailed finish when it’s assembled. You should be able to get four large feathers and three small feathers from each piece. Cut out your shapes using scissors or a craft knife.


Step 3
Take the piece of faux suede cord, fold it in half and thread the ends through the gold bead. Make sure the ends are level before tying a knot to secure it. This needs to be as close to the end of the cord as possible.


Step 4
At the looped end of the cord tie another knot, making a loop for the bead to go through. It needs to be quite a snug fit so that the necklace doesn’t fall off.


Step 5
Start to play with your design − this is the fun part! Our design has seven feathers on the lower strand and five on the top.
The gold and pinks were placed randomly to create different layers and textures and the pink felt was used as an accent colour.


Step 6
Stitch the felt to the back of the gold feathers using a simple running stitch and doubled thread. There should only be
a couple of millimetres of felt showing at the front. Then, using a craft knife, make a few cuts at the sides of the feather to create a more realistic feathery look.

On the plain gold feathers stitch a line of thread in the centre and make a few cuts. You should try and make each one different.  For the pink make a few cuts at the sides – there’s no need to stitch as the thread is the same colour, so it won’t be visible.


Step 7
Apply a dab of strong glue to the very top of the feather, fold over the cord and press firmly to secure. Repeat with all the feathers, but remember you will be working back-to-front, so you will need to flip your design over. Repeat the same process with the small feathers and leave to dry completely.

Now, team it with a boho dress and shimmy your way to the next party! Don’t forget to share photos of your makes using #molliemakers.

Charlotte of Lotts and LotsAbout Charlotte Smith

Charlotte loves nothing more than turning old treasures into the new and beautiful for her craft blog Lotts & Lots. Find more of her unique tutorials at


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