How to make a fabric bunny

Whip up Savannah Carroll’s mini bunny plush complete with tweed appliqué and cute pom pom tail


How to make a mini bunny plushie

You’ll need:
• The Mollie Makes bunny plushie craft kit [exclusive to Woolworths Australia in issue 61 (originally featured in Mollie Makes 40)]
• Bunny template

Step 1
Cut out the templates on the following page in the appropriate fabrics, using the photos above as a guide.


Step 2
Backstitch the blue face section onto the front of one mustard felt body piece using the matching spool of blue cotton thread.

Step 3
Use the same method to stitch on the tweed fabric ears and tummy pieces, using the brown spool of sewing cotton.


Step 4
Mark the eyes with a pencil. Poke a small hole through the two layers of felt using scissors. Push the toy eye through and use a length of thick black cotton to secure at the back.


Step 5
Use the other length of black cotton to embroider the nose, using horizontal stitches on top of one another. Then split the thread to three strands and stitch on the mouth details.


Step 6
Place your front piece and back piece right sides (RS) together and backstitch all the way around, approximately 2mm from the edge, in white thread. Leave a gap for stuffing.

Step 7
Carefully turn the bunny RS out. This is very fiddly, so take your time and use a pencil to gently push out tricky areas such as the narrow ears.


Step 8

Stuff your bunny with toy filling and slip stitch the opening closed. Create a pom pom tail by wrapping the yarn around two of your fingers, securing in the middle with a small length of yarn, then cutting the loops.

About Savannah

Canadian artist Savannah started up her online store, Sleepy King, after deciding to stitch up a creature she had dreamed of the night before. After going to bed the following evening she found she dreamt of anther little critter, and sewed him too. As her studio grew to hold more and more curious fabric animal friends, so did her desire to share them with the world. Meet the critters here.