Mother’s Day gifts: Best Mum cross stitch pattern

Not long until we celebrate the lady-mamas in our lives! Shower them with handmade Mother’s Day gifts like our sweet cross stitch ‘Best Mum’ pattern designed by Caterpillar Cross Stitch.

Forget ‘Best Mum’ mugs, stitch up a keepsake this Mother’s Day or gift this modern, mint and coral cross stitch design to your big sis’ or long-time pal. Sally Wilson of Caterpillar Cross Stitch shows us how…

Mother's Day gifts: Cross Stitch pattern

You will need:

• 14 count aida fabric at least 10 x 12 inches in size
• A size 24 tapestry/cross stitch needle
• Small sharp scissors
• The finished piece on 14 count aida will measure 7.1 x 9.3 inches
• Caterpillar Cross Stitch pattern
Colour key
• DMC stranded cotton in 7 shades as listed below:
DMC 152, MD LT Shell Pink, 1.1 skeins
DMC 414, Steel Gray DK, 1.7 skeins
DMC 734, Green Olive LT, 1 skeins
DMC 760, Salmon, 2 skeins
DMC 3705, Melon DK, 1.1 skeins
DMC 3817, Green Celadon LT, 6.5 skeins
DMC 3833, Raspberry LT, 0.6 skeins

How to make a cross stitch Mother’s Day gifts

Step 1
Before you begin, you might want to iron your fabric (under a damp tea towel) although this isn’t essential. I like to edge my fabric with masking tape to avoid fraying. Alternatively, you could use a sewing machine to edge the fabric with a zig zag stitch.

Step 2
Next, fold the fabric in half and half again to find the middle. Then correspond this with the middle of the pattern (see where the red lines cross). Follow the design from the centre point using the correct colour thread from the key. Each symbol on the pattern represents one cross stitch.

Step 3
DMC threads come in strands of 6 so you will need to separate these out into 3 lots of 2 strands. Cut your thread into pieces of approximately 1m in length. Thread your needle (I recommend using size 24) with 2 strands. There’s no need to tie a knot in your thread, just leave a loose ‘tail’ of around 10cm and later darn this in under your stitches.

Step 4
To start, push the needle from the back to the front in the bottom left corner of the square and come down through the top right corner. To complete the cross stitch, come up again this time through the top left corner and down through the bottom right corner. Make sure all of your stitches are in the same direction so as to give a uniform completed look. Continue according to the pattern.

Step 5
When you have only 15cm or so of thread left, run the needle underneath three or four completed stitches on the back of the fabric to secure it, and then neatly trim off the loose end. Continue like this according to the pattern until you’ve finished your piece!

5 cross stitching tips

1. Try to keep your fabric and thread tension even to create uniform stitches.
2. Don’t carry threads across the back of your piece or they will show up through the fabric when you’ve finished.
3. You can stitch whole areas in half stitches if you find this easier and then go back over them to complete the full cross stitches.
4. The back of your fabric should look almost as neat as the front.
5. When the piece is complete, remove any creases by ironing the fabric using a medium heat, face down between two damp tea towels.

Sally Wilson | Caterpillar Cross StitchAbout Sally Wilson

Sally is the creative brain behind Caterpillar Cross Stitch, a crafty business providing modern, unfussy cross stitch patterns to decorate the rooms of tiny tots. Her journey started while on maternity leave with my daughter in 2014 and a year later successfully launched Caterpillar Cross Stitch.

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