How to make a fabric flower hair band

Everyone needs something pretty in their hair from time to time, and a cute hairband will always do the job. We’ve invited Duni Buesken over from Duni Studio to take us through this cute flower headband…

Let’s welcome Duni from Duni’s Studio. Over to you…

I love simple ideas that don’t need expensive gadgets and are finished fairly quickly – I’m too impatient for anything tedious! My fabric covered headband is an easy project anyone can make with just two strips of your favourite fabric, a bit of glue and an old (plastic) headband. Medium-weight cottons work best. Try mixing solids with patterns or add extra embellishments such as ric rac, buttons or bows. Most of all have fun! No sewing machine required!

You will need

Old headband (mine is a cheap one from the supermarket)

Your choice of fabric (cut into two long strips 2″ wide)

Needle and thread

Pinking shears

Good quality fabric glue

Take one strip of fabric and cut along both long edges with pinking shears. Starting at one end of the headband, fold under and secure with a dab of glue. Overlap the sides and glue. Tip: make sure to wait about a minute until the glue becomes tacky – it will stick better.

Then start winding the strip around the entire headband, overlapping and gluing as you go. Secure the end as you did on the other side. Let this dry.

Thread a needle with a good length of coordinating thread. Take the second strip of fabric and knot at one end. Then start twisting the strip. When you have twisted about an 1.5″ wind around the knot and secure with small stitches from underneath.

Continue twisting, winding and stitching until you get to the rosette size you would like. Mine is about 2.2″ in diameter. You could go larger if you want to make a statement. The fabric will fray a little, don’t worry about that – it adds to the charm. Cut off excess fabric and stitch the end to the underside of the rosette.

Put a dab of textile glue in the back center of the rosette as well as on the headband where you want it to be positioned. Count to sixty. Then press rosette firmly in place. Leave to dry completely.

Wow – so simple. Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us Duni.

If you’d like to see more of Duni’s DIY makes, visit her blog Duni Studio. So many pretty things…