How to refashion a vintage bag

We love a bit of geek chic and this ol’ 70s vinyl handbag has got the style we love. It’s big and roomy and Sophie Appleby’s bag makeover has us dreaming up all sorts of possibilities…

Meet Sophie Appleby from Her Library Adventures, we’re handing the blog over to her for a few moments so she can share her tutorial with you… (Loving the dress, by the way, Sophie!)

I love the idea of customising walls, cupboards and crockery with chalkboard paint, so I thought what better way to give new life to a thrifted bag than turning it into your own go-anywhere chalkboard, perfect for cute notes and even your shopping list.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the chalkboard bag…

You will need a cheap bag you are happy to restyle. Mine is made of vinyl which I picked up for next to nothing in a charity store. (A vinyl or plastic bag is best, because they take the chalkboard paint really well.) In addition you will need some chalkboard paint, some acrylic paint in a contrasting colour to your bag, a small bowl of water, a rag, a small brush and a chalk board marker.

First find a well ventilated space to paint your bag. Clean the area of your bag to be painted so that the paint will take nicely. Apply a thin layer of chalkboard paint to the area of your bag you would like to write on. (Please refer to the paint’s instructions for full details of drying times.)

While you are waiting for the blackboard paint to dry, clean off your brush and highlight any other areas of the bag with your contrasting colour. I’ve chosen a metallic acrylic paint, to highlight the area and to add some shine to my bag.

When the chalkboard paint is touch dry, apply another thin coat, ensuring you have painted into all the corners and edges.

Next you need to wait until the chalkboard paint is completely dry before you write on it. I suggest leaving it overnight so that any chalkboard marker writing is easy to remove and change later on.

When the paint is dry, you can get creative with a chalk marker. Just make sure you choose one which is wipe clean so you can remove and change your words when you want to. You could write a note, draw a picture or even jot down your shopping list.

Ta da! Now you have a bag you can have fun with and be super-creative!

If you’d like to see more of Sophie’s ideas and inspirations, head on over to her blog Her Library Adventures for more vintage inspiration.