Revamp summer tees with fabric pockets

Pump new life into an old, plain tee with a funky pocket. It’s easy to do and a great way to rejuvenate your wardrobe. Want a simple way to liven up your tees? Grab some fabric scraps, contrasting threads and join us behind the sewing machine – it’s time to buck up our summer wardrobe with a little DIY.

You’ll need:
• A pocket-sized piece of fabric
• An iron
• Pins
• Other sewing notions
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Sew a pocket on a tshirt DIY Fashion step 1

Step 1
Cut a pocket-sized square of fun fabric. Mine measures 15cm. Fold in half and trim off the bottom corners with a curved snip. Open out and overlock (serge) the edges. Next, fold and press a 2cm hem at the top edge. Straight stitch in place.

Sew a pocket on a tshirt DIY Fashion step 2

Step 2
Tuck the pocket sides and bottom edges under with a 1cm hem. Play with the corners until you get an even curve and press it all in place. Pin the pocket to your top wherever you like it best. (Tip: try it on before you commit to the placement.)

Sew a pocket on a tshirt DIY Fashion step 3

Step 3
Stitch the pocket to your top, keeping your stitches nice and close to the pocket edge. Be careful to keep the back of the t-shirt out of the way when sewing. Press once more to set your stitches and you’re done! How easy was that?

Sew a pocket on a tshirt DIY Fashion final


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