11/11/11: Your poppies


Thanks for sending us pics of your poppies this week via Twitter, Facebook and our Flickr group. We’ve loved seeing how you’ve interpreted the symbol of the Poppy Appeal, while still donating to the Royal British Legion. We’re always of the mindset to have a go at making our own… well, anything really (!) but we’re urging everyone to continue supporting those who make the paper poppies at the Poppy Factory - a wonderful endeavour for an important cause. Click through to see who made what!

1. Applique Originals Designed by Jane 2. Bagladee 3. Claire Mackaness 4. Claire Garland 5. Cool Crafting Workshops 6. Griffs Homemade 7. Helen Cabanis 8. Jen Lamb 9. Lemons for Lemonade 10. Lupin Handmade 11. Sew Crafty Lou 12. Sew Crafty 13. Stitched with Love UK 14. Susannah Goodwill 15. Vicki Mower 16. Wimwom Handmade