Best fairytale fabrics


Once upon a time there were three fairytales and three pretty fabrics… If you’ve seen our Princess and the Pea cover you’ll see that we’ve stepped into the land of happily ever after this month. And before any big bad wolves can get the better of us, we thought we’d have a little wander through the worldwide woods and see what fairytale fabrics were out there…

1. Cinderella: a fab fabric for little girls and grown-up princesses, this pretty design features the carriage, the princess and the glass slipper. The fairytale fabric is by one of our fav quirky fabric makers, Kokka. Buy it before your coachmen turn into little mice again. Available from Atelier 608. 2. Snow White: a fairly grim tale, but as chance would have it, a prince comes along in the end. Phew. This sweet design is designed by Heather Ross for her Far Far Away collection, and it also comes in soft blue and green. Available from Fancy Moon. 3. Little Red Riding Hood: nostalgic and sweet, perfect for projects for little girls. We found ours at Backstitch.

Not quite a fairytale, but we think we can get away with mentioning it because it’s just perfect in every way… We had to show you this Alice in Wonderland fabric set – with its vintage inspired colours and its magical touches of Alice, we just love it.