Best Jubilee souvenirs


60 years of Queen Lizzie, who’d have thought it? A jubilee weekend gives us the chance to indulge in all things red, white and blue, and we have tracked down a trio of royal souvenirs that you’ll be happy to have around, long after the street party remains have been swept into big black bin liners…

This fantastic regal screen print featuring a young Queen Elizabeth on the iconic postage stamps has been snapped up by The V&A Shop. We’re not surprised. Over on designer Annie Little‘s site, this fab design is available as a print, as well as on cushions and bags. And it’s available in zingy neon pink too – maybe our favourite!

We rather like the look of this bold retro inspired stripy Jubilee print by Sam Osborne. Featuring a line from the National Anthem (which we will no doubt get carried away and try to sing at some point this weekend!) and a famous quote from the young Elizabeth, it’s a quirky heirloom which won’t go the same way as all those Charles and Di mugs.

Finally, the perfect way to dry up after a street party. Cute and quirky and just lovely to look at, here’s a tea towel we’d love to own. The souvenir tea towel is available from Rockett St George.