Fabric Friday: A box of chocolate


Chocolates! They’re one of our fave ways to indulge… but try today’s Fabric Friday for guilt-free chocolate treats…

1. Wrapped up chocolates fabric. Available from Fabric Rehab. 2. Adorable vintage style purse, where chocolate grows on trees. Available from Sarah Culleton. 3. Felt chocolate chip cookies. Designed by Angela Andrews, folksy. 4. Chocolate lover’s apron. Designed by Pinkshoesart, folksy. 5. Chocolate doughnuts fabric by Michael Miller. Available from Modes4U. 6. Retro style print featuring all the stages of making chocolate. Chocolate Factory. Available from Fat Connection. 7. Brown pom pom trim. It’s like trimming your cushions with mini Maltesers. Available from Dawanda.