Fabric Friday: Craft circus


We unearth circus prints inspired by the elephant caddy tutorial in issue 23 of Mollie Makes

If we could start a craft circus, our performance tent would be made from every print we’ve featured on Fabric Fridays, our circus animals would be crocheting cats and tickets would be delivered by the elephant caddy featured in issue 23 of Mollie Makes. Sound fun?

Mr Polar Bear by Ravynka would definitely be our ringmaster. You can’t go to the circus and not have any popcorn – so this popcorn print is a perfect addition to our circus fabric roundup.

Owl and Drum have a harlequin print that we think would make a pretty lampshade (have a look in issue 20 to find a tutorial on how to make one).

Juggling lions in our circus – heck yes! – as long as they juggle balls of yarn.