Fabric Friday: Flower dreams


It’s Fabric Friday! Here’s a new fabric range everyone’s going to be talking about. This gorgeous new fabric, perfect for using around the home is called Flower Dreams and it’s designed by Heather Moore (alias Skinny LaMinx). We caught up with Heather to ask her about her latest designs…

Flower Dreams fabric

Heather Moore

Sunny fabrics like these are perfect for a spring interior. And the timing couldn’t be better for this new fabric range by Heather Moore. Flower Dreams is Heather’s latest collection and she’s agreed to answer a few questions for us too! Read on and don’t forget to watch the cutest animation to celebrate the Flower Dreams range. Scroll right to the bottom of the page… it’s adorable!

How did you get started in fabric design, Heather?
I started working with pattern on fabric after my husband gave me a screenprinting kit for my birthday in 2007. I had taken some studio space, and was having fun there in my spare time, making paper cuts. I started using these as very simple screenprinting masks, and suddenly I was designing fabric! Since then, it’s been a progression of skill and of needs, and now I get to do very little printing myself, but a lot more designing, both for my own label, as well as for other fabric houses (like Cloud9 Fabrics).

Where do you find your inspiration for your fabric designs?
Often it’s things I’ve made just for fun that end up becoming a fabric design. My most recent design, Wild Flowers, came about because I’d made some hand-cut sticker ‘wallpaper’ to decorate my studio bathroom one day, and a few months later, it struck me that this might be a nice fabric design. For this reason, I try to keep my Fridays as non-work-related studio days, where I get to just play and have fun with whatever takes my fancy. At the time, it seems like fun, but often it ends up as part of my catalogue.

What about Flower Dreams – how did you choose the colours and designs for this new range? Which is your favourite?
I’d been wanting to do a large scale flower print for a while, so I created my Flower Fields print, and while I was very happy with the way this turned out, I also wanted to try a design that used a combination of pinks and dark tones. I’ve never been someone for pink, but when I started teaming it with charcoal, plum, and tones of brown, I realised that there was a lot more to pink than I’d realised! Added to this is a sweet print coordinate called Pincushion, and a re-release of my popular Orla print, in a reversed out version. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I have to admit to still being pretty delighted with my Wild Flowers.

Below: Flower Fields print

Below: Wild flowers sofa, one of Heather’s favourites

Below: Pincushion print

What next for you? Do you have another set of designs waiting in the wings?
I’m working on some things to include in my new products catalogue, due out in May, and then I’m hoping to add to my Mini laMinx range with a couple of prints in September. I’m also dying to do a geometric some time soon, but it may have to wait until next year. We’re running out of space to store all these fabric designs!

What’s your favourite thing about working in the craft industry?
I have found it to be enormously friendly and supportive, and I’ve made some amazing friends, both online and in my home town, just through shared enthusiasm for the business we’re in (and shared agonies too!)

You can read more about Heather and her work on Skinny LaMinx, and you can purchase her work from her the Skinny LaMinx etsy shop.

But before we go, here’s a little treat for you. Heather’s goregous animation inspired by her new collection. Sweet or what?

Flower Dreams is available from Skinny LaMinx etsy store.