Fabric Friday: Pretty prints for patchwork

fabric-friday_molliemakes - molliemakes.com

It’s Friday and we’ve got quilting on our minds. Here’s our selection of must-have fabric for patchwork projects

fabric-friday_molliemakes - molliemakes.com

Inspired by the launch of Love Quilting & Patchwork, here’s our selection of beautiful fabric to add to your craft stash

[Clockwise from top-left] 1. Sweetwater’s colourful doodles remind us of vintage telephone cables and scribbles with felt-tip pens. 2. It’s official: Sarah Jane’s teeny anchors are adorable. 3. TIMBER! Sorry, couldn’t resist! Add lovely logs to your log cabin quilts. Design by Sarah Watts. 4. A bundle of joy, courtesy of Denyse Schmidt.

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