Five DIY projects for: Leftover wrapping paper


Let’s face it: gift wrap scraps are everywhere. Look in a drawer or shoebox under the bed and you’re sure to find a piece too beautiful to throw away or too small (or awkwardly shaped) to actually wrap something in. Here are five thrifty ways to use it up…

Create a pen pot using a tin can and your spare scraps of wrapping paper. For a full tutorial, visit Torie Jayne’s blog

Make dog-eared pages a thing of the past with a bookmark. Glue your gift wrap onto some card from an old cereal box, add some velvet ribbon on the top and you’re done!

Bind your own book and cover the stitches with a little strip of wrapping paper for decoration

Transform your leftover paper into a gift bag with the help of Hello Sandwich’s step-by-step guide

Revamp a lamp using Kate Pruitt’s awesome decoupage techniques

Photo © LadyGane

Wrapping paper featured Floral – Paperchase, Red Triangle – Liberty, Green & black sunshine – vintage, Stag & Bird handprinted paper – Nicholas John Frith

  • Withgraceandjudy

    We have just blogged about you at Looking forward to seeing the new magazine.

  • Ann

    Hooray! Bit disappointed it didn’t arrive today (I pre-ordered as no WHS or Sainsbury’s here) but will be watching for my postie tomorrow! Can’t wait to make my apple cosie…..

  • Stuart Anderton

    At last…

  • Irishwifey

    Oh it was soooooo worth waiting for! Congrats on a fab piece of work that looks so good it feels like a coffee table book. Can’t wait to show it my fellow craftettes…….might buy them ALL a copy.

  • Saggye

    Can’t wait, very disappointed it has not arraived today. I pre-ordered too, I hope it does turn up tomorrow…

  • Melanie

    I got a copy today, just by accident the magazine was on the newsagent counter and I picked it up being nosy. So today is the first time I have been introduced to Mollie Makes and I think it is wonderful, so much so I have subscribed to the magazine so I wont ever miss any of the issues!

  • Abbieasadi

    Just finished skimming through the magazine. Looking forward to studying it further over the weekend. It’s the perfect mag for me. Snippets and snapshots of articles and items. It brings together my favourite aspects of other magazines all under one title. Cant wait to browse the net with all your fab finds.

    Thank you.

  • Sarah – Crafts from the Cwtch

    I managed to get my hands on a copy today and it’s PERFECT! Love every page!

  • Gail

    I ordered online an haven’t received my copy yet … I really thought it would’ve arrived yesterday at least on the same day as it arrived in the shops. Could someone let me know when I can expect it to arrive ( – Thanks

  • Ann

    Oh dear – my preordered mag still hasn’t turned up (Saturday!) sooooo disappointed this morning. All those tweets are making me so frustrated I can’t see it too.

  • Libby

    I finally got a copy today–arrived at WHSmiths just after the last copy had been sold, so I ran up to Sainsburys, where there were three copies left! Am so in love with everything, I even blogged about it!

  • Vanessa

    Absolutely BRILLIANT first issue! At last, a crafty magazine worth buying! It is a good coffee table read, one you definitely want to show off and not hide away! Beautifully designed and printed on good quality paper! Worth every penny, hope future issues lives up to this first one!!!!

  • Lousmithy21

    I pre-ordered my magazine too and I am yet to receive it. A bit disappointed as I would’ve thought those with subscriptions would have received the magazine on launch day or the day after. I hope this doesn’t happen every month.

  • Caz

    Received my online ordered copy today – had a quick flick thro and absolutely love it – looking forward to reading it properly tonight

  • Amanda

    Hooray! Finally a craft magazine that is everything we ever dreamt of! I love everything about it! The photos, the paper, the styling, the projects…I’ve already read it about 12 times! I’ve even blogged about it at Congratulations on coming up with such a wonderful publication. I can’t wait to get my next one! Love, Amanda x

  • Emma

    Any stockists in Australia?

    • Stuart Anderton

      Copies are on their way to Aus, but will take a while to get there! When we have a stockists list we’ll post it.

  • Michele

    Still no sign of my copy and everyone who has bought one from WH Smiths telling me how lovely it is.. hurry up please Mollie!

  • Angel Jem

    Got my copy on Sunday, made the case today and my daughter is lusting after bobble trimmed skirts. We loved it enough to subscribe for future copies. At last, a magazine in English that compares with Marie Claire Idees. Roll on June 9th! It’s in my diary….

  • Katz Blechl

    Unfortunately I preordered through and was informed today they have run out and would not be able to send me a copy! They did offer an online copy but its just not the same. I am in the USA right now so I had my first copy sent here since I normally live in the UK. I am quite saddened you can’t get it here, and if you can I live in the middle of nowhere. Sigh… Maybe I can get one of my friends to try and find it in the UK.

    • Ann

      Hi Katz – I ended up with two copies as I couldn’t wait any longer for my preordered copy to arrive and got my son to pick one up for me. Of course my ordered copy arrived two days later. If you like I’d be happy to send you my extra.

      • Katz Blechl

        Thank you for the offer but my friends have miraculously found one copy that was actually behind another magazine at a WHS.

      • Nicola Kerridge

        Hey ann , do you still have the extra copy ??
        I am desparate to get a copy and its all sold out in my town :(

        • Ann

          Oh Nicola sorry I didn’t see your post until today! Yes I’ve still got it. I’ll keep an eye on this post so see if you come back.

    • Stuart Anderton

      You will be able to get it in the US, but it’s still on a boat so won’t be on sale for a week or two. Barnes & Noble will be your best bet.

  • Deb Hickman

    I don’t normally buy magazines but the cover caught my eye and when I had a look through I was sold.Absoloutely fantastic,it hasn’t left my side since I bought it on Saturday. I am now a scubscriber !!!!!

  • Peaseyweasey

    Hi, I live in Worthing, West Sussex and have been to three shops that are listed on your map as stocking your magazine and can’t get in in any of them and none of them have heard of it when I ask them?

  • susan sobon

    cant wait for it to go on sale in the us! do you have any idea who will carry it here? my apples need jackets!

  • Riverpixie

    Very dissapointed subscribed on May 12th when I rang to find out where my copy was I was told it had sold out and I would have to wait for issue 2 .

  • Fieltreos

    I bought your magazine at Stansted Airport just two days ago and I like it very much (sorry about my english), it´s wonderful. We are tree spanish friends and a very recently blog where we try to show everybody the things that make us happy

  • MoxyMama

    Will you be offering a digital subscription? Now that I have a little one, my magazines get shredded by him so I’ve swapped over to digital for everything. Would be fab if it’s possible.

  • Ana Crafts

    Hi from Portugal,
    Does Europe ,from June 9 includes Portugal,
    please say yes : ))
    Thanks a lot

  • Sonia

    Have just bought a digital copy and was disappointed to find that I can’t print it as according to the website, the publishers won’t allow it. This doesn’t seem quite right to me. After all, I paid the same amount of money as I would have done had I been able to find a copy in the shops. The magazine looks great but I would really like to be able to hold it in my hands while I read it and to sit on the sofa while I follow the patterns. This makes the digital version almost worthless to me and of course means that I won’t be using my hard-earned money to pay for another digital copy in the future.

  • Lynn Barron

    Totally gorgeous, crazy but inspired making,squashed full of colour and inspiration…….fabulous thank you Lynn xx

  • Bluebirdsky

    Your magazine is so wonderful I have just bought 2 friends gift subscriptions. Really wonderful job. So beautiful and about time too that someone finally got a fantastic, well designed magazine for us all. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  • vera

    hi! i live in the Netherlands and was wondering if your magazine is also being sold here? Or other options?

  • caroline

    i ordered issue 3 online and received it today but with no free gift!! not happy

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