Free Cath Kidston tutorial: How to customise a jumper


Transform an old jumper using scrap fabric and felt, with this free tutorial from The Telegraph

Freebies alert! The Telegraph is giving away two Cath Kidston Make & Sew booklets this weekend! The 44-page booklets will include 30 inspiring projects for making clothing, gifts, homewares and accessories. The first booklet, Home and Gifts, will be free inside The Daily Telegraph on Saturday 29 September. It will include tablecloths, bedcovers and placemats. Meanwhile, the second booklet, Clothing and Accessories, will be given away free with The Sunday Telegraph on 30 September. Learn how to customise clothing, make handbags, necklaces and more.

To celebrate the Cath Kidston freebies, The Telegraph is offering one free project exclusively to Mollie Makes readers. Learn how to upcycle a jumper with fabric scraps and stitchin’ skills…

You will need

• Fine-knit jumper • Bondaweb • Iron and pressing cloth • Felt: 6 x 12 cm (we used pink for this project) • Stranded cotton embroidery thread (we opted for pink and red) • One sheet of paper • Printed cotton fabric: 15 x 20cm • Basic sewing kit

Step 1 Sketch out your initials onto your sheet of paper. Using a sharp pencil, trace the letters onto the paper side of the bondaweb. Cut each letter out roughly. Place the letters, adhesive-side down, on the felt. Fuse this onto the felt using an iron and pressing cloth to protect the fabric. Cut out accurately.

Step 2 Peel off the backing paper from each letter. Place the jumper on your ironing board and position the ltters, right side up, to the right of the neckline. Iron them in place, again using a pressing cloth.

Step 3 Using red embroidery thread, work a round of straight stitches around the edge of each letter to secure the felt and to add a bit of extra decoration.

Step 4 Now it’s time for the elbow patches. Cut a 8 x 15 cm rectangle of paper. Fold it in quarters and then draw a curve across the unfolded corners. Cut along this line, through all the layers and open out the paper.

Step 5 Draw around the outline of the template twice, on the paper side of the bondaweb. Iron the adhesive side to the wrong side of the printed fabric, then cut out the patches along the pencil lines.

Step 6 To position the patches, turn the edge of the cuff up to the shoulder line, then place the centre of the patch along the fold. Use your pressing cloth and iron the patches to the back of the sleeves, making sure they are both at the same level. Embellish the edges with a blanket stitch using pink embroidery thread.